The Price of Pleasure? The Price Of Crap! — UPDATED!

Choice of viewing on 10/30

I'm pretty damned tired — it's Friday evening and I'm ready to pack it in — but I've been watching this "documentary" and the mere fact that I helped these assholes make the damned thing fires me with enough energy to comment on it ... because, supposedly, it's going to be shown next Thursday (10/30/08) somewhere on one of the University of Southern Calif. campuses, according to this, but you'll have to "check back soon for details."

 And you WILL want to check back soon, because The Price of Pleasure is such an incredible piece of shit that everyone in the industry — and certainly everyone who appears — most, unknowingly — in the film will definitely want to attend just so the audience of (I'm guessing) college students and anti-porn sycophants doesn't get the idea that the distortions presented by the filmmakers have any relation to reality.

First, the mea culpa: Back in 2004, I was contacted by this NYU professor  Chyng Sun, who was planning to attend AVN's Adult Entertainment Expo the following January, and wanted me to help her find people in the adult industry that she could interview for her"documentary," which she assured me was going to be non-partisan and not put the adult industry in a bad light.

That should have tipped me off to something, but even I can be naive about some things ...

And now we have The Price of Pleasure, which, among other things, should get its makers at least five years in federal prison for having violated the Child Protection Restoration And Penalties Enhancement Act Of 1990 And Protect Act; Record-Keeping And Record Inspection Provisions — what you know better as 18 U.S.C. §2257.

Y'see, these idiots, in making their "documentary" about porn, have shown people having sex — and guess what? I'm betting next week's paycheck that few if any of those naked bodies they've depicted fucking each other (or in some cases, participating in bondage or sadomasochistic activity) have provided them with government-approved photo IDs containing their real names and birthdates.

(Of course, we all know — don't we? — that in a movie that shows "actual human beings engaged in actual sexually explicit conduct," EVERYONE in the movie, whether fucking or not, whether clothed or not, has to provide those picture IDs — and each missing ID is one more violation of 2257 — and each violation is good for five years in the federal slam!)

Anyway, the film runs about an hour, and while I could go into some detail about the stuff that particularly interests me — like, f'rinstance, anti-porn crusader Dr. Robert Jensen's admission near the end that, "The fact that more than 10 billion dollars a year is spent on pornography makes it very clear that pornography does not express a deviant sexuality, it in fact expresses a very conventional sexuality, and that means the road takes us not just to the Valley in California where this material is produced; it takes us into our own lives and our own bedrooms." — I could never do the thing as much justice as filmmaker and Taboo editor Ernest Greene does here , so why not just read his voluminous (and RIGHT ON!) critique and check back here when you're done?

All set? Well, then, just let me point out some of the folks I recognized in the movie that definitely should not miss its Los Angeles premiere:

Seymour Butts
Diane Duke (as the current representative of Free Speech Coalition)
Kitty Marie and Kyle Stone (from Babysitter 6)
Snoop Dogg from Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle
Jonathan Morgan
Greg Dark aka Gregory Hippolyte
Jenna Jameson
John Stagliano
Brandon Iron
Sunny Lane
Dillan Lauren
Alicia Rhodes and Dave Cummings (from Baker's Dozen 1)
Joe Gallant
Satine Phoenix and Shane Diesel (from My Hot Wife Is Fucking Blackzilla 7)
Ernest Greene and Chloe (from Dresden Diaries 24)
Joanna Angel
Dita Von Teese
Annie Cruz
Jay Ashley
Otto Bauer, and of course,
Paul Fishbein

The point is, there are enough liars out there defaming the industry we work in, and how often do we get a chance to confront them on what is essentially their own turf, attempting to foist their lies on unsuspecting college students and other members of the general public?

The date is Oct. 30; the place is one of the campuses of the University of Southern California. Check back here (or the movie's website) for updated info as it becomes available.


Well, it's Oct. 29, THE DAY BEFORE this piece of crap is supposed to be shown in L.A., and what do they still have on their website regarding the screening?:

Los Angeles, CA
University of Southern California
Check back for Details Soon

Both myself and others have called USC's events department, its film school and several other campus departments, and nobody there knows anything about it. All we do know is that Dr. Robert Jensen, one of the film's creators, is scheduled to lecture on "White Privilege" at USC's University Park campus — "Just minutes from downtown!" — tomorrow morning.

Anyway, we're still looking into it, and if anything pops, it'll be posted here as soon as I hear about it. Be prepared for some last-minute rushing around ... because it'd be a shame if this film played in the "epicenter of sexual depravity" and none of us were there to give its attendees an alternate view of the subject.



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