Why They Hate Us, Part 1

In case you were wondering what Phil Burress's Citizens for Community Values really thinks about the adult industry and its products, check out this sales pitch currently on CCV's website:

This is Our Battle

So many within the Church today express support and even gratitude for efforts of organizations like CCV but fail to understand how those efforts relate to their mission, which is to proclaim the Gospel, the message of Christ's redemptive love.

Actually, the mission of CCV - to uphold Judeo-Christian moral values - is directly related to that higher mission.

We cannot speak of a Christ, who is the Way, the Truth (Absolute Truth) and the Life, and then accommodate a relativistic approach to sexual morality. By standing by and allowing Satan to orchestrate a shift away from Biblical sexual morality, we have allowed our culture to become more and more difficult to penetrate with that Gospel message.

Beyond that fundamental issue of Truth is the Church's mission to carry out Christ's work of reaching out to those who are suffering.

When we see people around us suffering from disease or disaster, Christ-like compassion should compel us to reach out to them. All around us men, women, children and entire families are suffering as victims of pornography, sexually oriented businesses and other distortions of God's plan for our sexuality.

As members of His Body, that same compassion must drive us to do whatever we can to stop that suffering. Supporting the work of CCV is one of the action steps that folks can take to demonstrate such love.

"This Is Our Battle" DVD delivers that two-fold message of Truth and love through enactments of three real-life stories, stories with which we are all too familiar here at CCV.

Each "This Is Our Battle" DVD contains both a full (12-minute) and shorter (seven-minutes) version. To order a copy for your church, small group or class, call CCV's office at 513-733-5775 or e-mail


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