Where Is Alan Moore When You Need Him?

Moore, of course, wrote the finest comicbook series yet printed, Watchmen (soon to be a major motion picture )... and one notable theme was that, in the alternate-universe USA of which Moore writes, people all over the world have scrawled on the sides of buildings the grafitto, "Who Watches The Watchmen?"

With that in mind, consider this article from Indiana, where a less-than-literate journalist writes:

"Residents who have picketed for two years outside an adult bookstore is [sic] inviting officials and the media on a bus tour to show what it claims to be adverse effects of adult businesses in southern Indiana." ...

"We want to show people what can happen when you turn your head," said Ralph Sweany, a former mechanical engineer from Crothersville and the group’s legal liaison. "You let these businesses get a foothold, pretty soon you’ve got a porn district."

Aside from the humor of a "former mechanical engineer" being "the group's legal liaison," these folks seem to have missed the entire point of adult zoning: To force all adults businesses in an area into a de facto "porn district" away from all the  "good folks" that Sweany wants to take on his tour.

Anyway, the "tour" is supposed to take place on Oct. 27 ... but it seems a shame that the only people likely to take the tour are anti-porn wingnuts and scared politicians ... so in keeping with our theme of "Who Watches The Watchmen?", perhaps some pro-free speech person reading this who lives in the Jackson County, Ind. area will sign up to take the tour as well ... and if someone does, please let me know what you saw!


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