Traitors - An Editorial

An Inquiry Regarding Provably False Speech

I guess, working in adult, I'm more sensitive to the lies and half-truths being told in the media about the industry than others are likely to be - even some others who purportedly write about industry goings-on, or run gossip sites on which any scurrilous attack on producers or performers is considered "fair game": After all, somebody wrote it, so of course I have to post it or someone else will!

Yes, that's a problem ... but it's a subject for another day. Rather, I want to comment on the state of mind that the search for accuracy and objectivity engenders.

What I've found is that in seeing through the lies told about adult, it's made me that much more able to see through the lies told by politicians and their supporters - and, in particular, by those in the mass media. Now, much as I would wish that people - even adult industry members - wouldn't lie about their comrades and associates in porn, I realize that in the long run, those lies aren't going to make much of a difference in the "grand scheme of things."

The same can't necessarily be said of lies told on the national scene about politicians, their associates and the policies they support... especially when one remembers that in 2004, presidential adviser Karl Rove said he wanted to craft a "permanent Republican majority." Today, a overwhelming segment of the media continue to have Rove's dream as their objective - and that's not about to stop even though, it appears as this is written, Barack Obama will be elected president.

On October 23, in speaking about the aftermath of the election, Obama commented to a reporter, "Is Sean Hannity suddenly gonna get on the airwaves and say, 'You know, I was wrong about this Obama guy; he's my man'? No, that's not gonna happen. I mean, there's gonna be a certain wing of the Republican party that is dug in and resistant to the notion that we need to change direction."

Obama's statement wildly underestimates the problem. In just a five-day period in late October, my email box received over 100 anti-Obama screeds from multiple religio-conservative sources with subject lines reading, "Obama the Slumlord"; "New Evidence Millions of Fradulent [sic] Votes May Be Cast"; "God Damn America - Common Man Too Stupid To Fix the Nation"; "The REAL 'skeletons' in Obama's closet"; "Joe the Plumber: Obama's 3 Biggest Lies"; "Media Covers Up Obama-ACORN Socialist Party Membership Connection"; "Obama's ACORN Rotten to the Core"; and "Obama Sued Citibank: Forced it to Make Bad Loans" ... and not one of them contains more than a kernel of fact.

One email began, "What happens when we elect the colleague of terrorists to the White House? Will the terrorists get a night in the Lincoln Bedroom? Let's never find out. Dear Fellow American: We live in a world where terrorists want to destroy us. Therefore, how can YOU, with a clear conscience, elect a President with close, documented ties to a terrorist?"

Moreover, beginning October 5, Hannity twice devoted his Sunday show on Fox to "specials" entitled "Obama & Friends: A History of Radicalism," which focused on - and blew way out of proportion - Obama's connections to '60s radicals William Ayers and Saul Alinsky, and the ACORN voter registration organization. Media Matters for America, an organization founded by former Republican propagandist David Brock, has chronicled thousands of such broadcast and print attacks, lies and half-truths since its launch in May, 2004.

The point is this: If these attackers of Obama, Democrats, "liberalism," Muslims, atheists or simply anyone who doesn't follow their totalitarian, pro-corporate and theocratic objectives were merely stating their opinions, progressives like myself might squawk but, First Amendment supporters that we are, we'd use (or make) our own fora for our views and follow Justice Brandeis' dictum that the answer to bad speech is more speech, not repression.

But what we now have is a situation where deliberate falsehoods are being created by religio-conservatives, released to their friendly media as "talking points," and repeated on radio and TV shows - right-wing, of course, but too often by supposedly "fair" commentators as well - in newspapers and on websites in a dissemination so pervasive (remember, fully 90% of the media is conservative) that ordinary citizens, often too busy or too lazy (or too ignorant) to research the source of the claims, simply accept the statements as "reality" and base their daily judgments on them.

Our country, not to mention the adult industry, is in the midst of an economic disaster, and with a substantial activist population dedicated to bringing down the administration through outright lies and innuendo whose sole purpose is to help them reacquire and permanently keep political and social power, recovery will just take that much longer - if in fact we ever recover.

"Country First," my ass!


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