The Strip Club Non-Crisis

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), founded by Meese Commission counsel Alan Sears, and our favorite former federal porn prosecutor Pat Trueman have recently jumped on strip clubs here and here , implying that they're at the forefront of some sort of crime wave — and damnit, they've got the news stories to prove it.

Well, not exactly.

For instance, at the first link, dated Feb. 27, although the article's lead-in says, <<ADF Attorney, Pat Trueman asks, “Wonder what happens at strip clubs?”  His answer, “They are in the news every day.”  Here are some headlines from the last two weeks>> [my emphasis here and below], two of the headlines, Police search for Chelsea strip club killer and Shooting at strip club leaves one dead, two injured , are from the third week in January, while the story, Police stop drunken brawl in strip club , isn't even from the U.S.; it's about a club in Australia!

As for the second article, which claims "Crime sprees continue at strip clubs around the nation... The saga continues," the story beginning "TampaBay10 reports ..." is the same incident as this one linked in the previous story, while the story beginning "David Sommer reports on the Tampa Tribune " is the same incident as this one in the previous story, and the story beginning "Man reports robbery at Columbia strip club " is the exact same link as this one in the previous story!

Oh; and then there's the one beginning " reports from Daytona Beach ," which reports the horrific story that "The manager of Lollipop’s Gentlemen’s Club started to serve his six-month jail sentence Thursday for making illegal campaign contributions." 

So, out of 15 stories reported within "the last two weeks" between the two articles, two of them were over a month old; one of them was from Australia; three of them involved the exact same incident as three other stories; and one of them covers a crime that Repugnican lobbyists and contractors (think Jack Abramoff and Brett Wilkes) are going to jail for right and left.

Way to go, ADF! And props to you, too, Pat! 


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