The Perils Of Paulose

Remember Rachel Paulose, the bible-quoting U.S. Attorney for Minnesota whose top underlings all resigned their management posts, taking a reduction in rank and pay because they couldn't stand working directly under the loon any longer? The same Rachel Paulose who got installed in office by Gonzales' DOJ cabal in early 2006 after her predecessor, Thomas Heffelfinger, "resigned" under mysterious circumstances that look suspiciously like he was told "Quit or we'll fire you"?

Well, looks like Rachel's being investigated for having mishandled classified information, firing the aide who called that sticky fact to her attention, making life miserable for anyone else in the office who (in her mind) crossed her, and making racist remarks about one of them.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, "Paulose declined to discuss the specifics of the investigation. 'Since the matter is ongoing it would be inappropriate to comment at this time. I am confident the truth will be brought to light,' she said. 'I am focused on doing the work of the people, which is what I was appointed to do.'"

Just which "people" she's "doing the work of" remains to be seen.


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