The Most Disgusting Thing I've Seen This Week

... Besides the Obama/McCain Debate, That Is

It's called "PG Porn," and it's the creation of James, Sean and Brian Gunn, who describe it as "a place where the porn and mainstream film industries meet and get to have some understanding of each other" — and that might just be truer than its creators are willing to admit.

See, their first "production," a Web video titled "Nailing Your Wife," is supposed to be "For people who love everything about porn ... except the sex." Instead, it's such pure exploitation that even Morality In Media would be proud ... and indeed, it is. Its founder, Robert Peters, told China Daily that, "In the real world of pornography, if you want to get your start in pornography you start in the gutter," he said. "So real people are abused in the production of pornography." Peters only worries that people, after watching "Nailing Your Wife," will move on to real porn.

Not much chance of that!

 "Nailing Your Wife " runs just over two minutes, and features Nathan Fillion (familiar to many from his TV roles in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Firefly) as a construction worker and Aria Giovanni (familiar to everyone in the adult industry) as a horny housewife who, sexily clad, approaches Fillion, who's using a nail-gun to build an addition onto Aria's house, and seduces him while her husband's out of town. But just as she kneels to go down on him — another familiar porn scenario — he accidentally SHOOTS HER IN THE HEAD WITH THE NAIL-GUN AND SHE DIES IN A POOL OF BLOOD ON THE FLOOR!!! Then he puts the nail-gun in her hand, in an attempt to make it look like suicide!


Fuck that shit!

So yeah, this is the "place where porn and mainstream film industries meet," only the meeting place is a lot closer to Hollywood than porn. It's got exactly the slasher/bait-and-switch mentality that Hollywood has used for years in movies like Friday the Thirteenth and Halloween: Titillate, then horrify; reinforce the religious concept that the end result of sex, or just being sexy, is death.

Now, that's obscene.

If the Gunn brothers want to sell that message, let them go to Focus on the Family or Family Research Council, where they're sure to be well received.

 (Thanks and an h/t to Ricci Levy of the Woodhull Foundation )


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