The Do Over "Do" On The View

According to an article on OneNewsNow, L. Brent "Bozo" Bozell's Media Research Center is having a hissyfit about noted lesbian Whoopi Goldberg's use of the word "do" in front of the kids:

The controversy began even before special guest House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) took her seat at the roundtable. Co-hosts Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg began flirting with Pelosi's husband Paul, who was seated in the front row of the studio audience. After the California lawmaker arrived on stage, Walters remarked that Goldberg would like to "do" Pelosi's husband, to which Goldberg replied that she "would do her [Pelosi] as well."

Now, I can sort of imagine the dialog that that exchange might inspire between Mrs. Middle America and the kids:

"Mommy, when Barbara Walters said she wanted to 'do' Paul Pelosi, what did she mean?"

"Well, uh ... I mean, uh ... you know, uh ... she meant she wanted to, uh, be with him in a, uh, mommy-and-daddy sort of way."

"Oh ... Well, then, what did Whoopi Goldberg mean when she said she wanted to 'do' Nancy Pelosi? Which one is the mommy and which one is the daddy?"

"Go read your Bible, kid!"

The article continued:

According to the MRC spokesman [Tim Graham], Goldberg apparently had no qualms making an insinuation about the House leader's sexual preferences. "In our 'very tolerant' society today, it's not only okay to be gay, it's okay to be omni-sexual -- and people think it's funny," he says. 

Yeah, Tim ... normal people do.

Guess that leaves you out! 


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