The Dean Of Sex Speaks On Staunton

Dr. Marty Klein was hired as the defense expert for Rick Krial's recent trial in Staunton, Va., but the prosecution was so inept that they didn't use him. You read our coverage here ; now you can read Marty's observations here.

 A few excerpts to whet your appetite: 

I am desperate for you to understand this: An American city, in the year 2008, asked a jury of seven men and women to declare that a movie of adults having sex could be illegal. City prosecutor Ray Robertson said that some movies -- these movies, for sure -- could be so dangerous that they fall outside the protection of our glorious First Amendment.

What could these films contain that make them so treacherous? If the films called for organized revolution, they would be legal. If the films said blacks were lazy, Jews were cheap or Catholics were disloyal Pope-lovers, they would be legal. If the films said our two-party system was corrupt, and that censorship laws were destroying democracy, they would be legal.

The indicted films didn't say any of these things. But the government said these films were so dangerous that adults must be prevented from buying them.

In the United States. In 2008. Films that simply showed adults having sex: no kids, no animals. Not even a pretend rape. Just a few hours of boobs, boners and butts, waxed vulvas and a few pints of ejaculate (much of it on women's faces or chests). And hours of smiles.


In fact, the government used the slimiest tactic imaginable. Although every actress in "Sugar Britches" had proven she was over 18, the government said one looked much younger (small breasts, shaved bush, etc.). Therefore, according to the argument, the film appealed to pedophiles; it encouraged them to molest children and was thus so dangerous it had to be banned.


But these seven people decided that there's a movie so dangerous that it challenges the entire basis of American democracy. It is so dangerous, it must be wiped out from the community. It must be kept away from adults, who are allowed to drive, to vote, to own guns, to raise children, to do surgery and to serve in the Army.

The movie is that dangerous, said the jury.

So people of Staunton, don't shake my hand, don't welcome me to your pretty little town, don't be so damn friendly. I hate what you did to my country last week. You spurned Jefferson, denied Madison, spit on the America you claim you love.


BTW, don't forget to read Klein's groundbreaking book, America's War on Sex, available here



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