The ACLU Of Evil

In case you were wondering, there is a theocon equivalent to the First Amendment Lawyers Association. It's called the National Litigation Academy, and it's run by the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), the ultra-right-wing organization formed by former Meese Commission counsel Alan Sears.

"Among the more than one million lawyers in America are thousands who believe in the issues supported by ADF," the sales pitch for this school begins. "However, few have the specific training or experience necessary to handle a [sic] free-speech, religious liberty, or other matters involving constitutional law and other areas of concern to the Alliance."

"To help recruit and train this untapped resource of dedicated women and men, ADF launched the National Litigation Academy - a state-of-the-art lawyer training project - in 1997. The Academy sessions consist of worship and devotional activities, banquets, theological exhortation, worldview analysis, fellowship, common meals, and joyful interaction. They feature an intense course of study conducted by some of the nation's top law school professors, litigators, and constitutional experts in the country." [Emphasis added]

As if Pat Robertson's  Regent University and Jerry Falwell's Liberty University law schools weren't enough!

Graduates of this "school for scoundrels" mainly tackle cases where some Christian (hardly ever a Jew, and definitely never a Muslim) thinks he/she has been discriminated against by the Big Bad Government, often in the form of a public school principal who won't let someone give away Bibles on school grounds, or a teacher who forces some kid to learn sex education or evolutionary biology, or objects to the kid wearing a t-shirt that says something like, "Gays Suck!"

Or as ADF itself puts it: "God has incredibly blessed the vision of ADF's founders for an alliance that would act as a servant organization to engage in legal strategy and coordination, training, funding and litigation to preserve religious liberty in America and to effectively challenge the ACLU and its allies."

"ACLU and its allies" - that's you!


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