Talented People Comment On Politics!

Because They Can ... And They Should

First, director/screenwriter/actor Cash Markman:

I will admit that I was not always for Barack Obama.  I voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries.
I didn't believe that most people in this country would elect a black man to be President ... especially a black man with a name that sounded so ... well, un-American.  
But I will vote for him.  You see, unlike most Republicans I know, who always vote Republican, no matter what, and who have turned a deaf ear to Barrack Obama, with no clue who he is or what he stands for, I have been listening to both sides.  Truly listening. 
And now I am convinced that a person must fall into one of four categories to cast a vote for this not-so-funny comedy act of McCain & Palin.
- Fatcats - people who make well over $250,000 per year, have all the property they need, all the stuff they need, all the health care they need, and could give a rats ass about anyone less blessed than they ... be it man, woman, child ... or Polar Bear.
- Religious fanatics - determined to impose their beliefs on others - the type who say their prayers before bed, then sleep just fine, convinced God will step in and bail us out of this mess we have made.
- Racists - who cannot bring themselves to vote for a black guy, regardless of how inferior their white guy may be.  Some are honest about their prejudice, even proud of it, others just say Obama hangs with terrorists and wants to teach sex education to kindergartners.
- The Happily Ignorant - people who get their news from Jay Leno's monologue, if at all; who talk current events at Funny Car events, if even there; and who will blindly follow anyone who salutes the flag they salute, worships the god they worship, and offers up a group of people for them to fear, to blame, to hate.  Hitler had the Jews.  McCain and Palin have the Democrats. 
My own mother plans to vote for McCain.  I haven't had the heart to ask her which of these four categories she fits into.

Cash has also uploaded a couple of humorous political videos on YouTube:

Boobs For McCain: Political Forum and Boobs For McCain: Girl Chat


And then, screenwriter/photographer/art director Raven Touchstone:

Back in 1990, the Government seized the Mustang Ranch brothel in Nevada for tax evasion and, as required by law, tried to run  it.
They failed and it closed.
Now, we are  trusting the economy of our country and 700 Billion (more like 2.5 Trillion) Dollars to a pack of nit-wits who couldn't make money running a whorehouse and selling booze.
Now if that don't make you nervous, Holy ****, what does ? ? ?
(How's that for being Politically Correct.... )


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