Stupid Question Gets Intelligent Answer

Another website, which shall remain nameless , asks, in apparent sincerity, "Why Do We Protect Pornstars’ Real Names?", adding, "Why am I 'risking someone’s life' if I post a pornstar’s real name? I don’t understand."

Gotta say, I didn't think that was so difficult to answer, so here goes:

1) Women (and men) who perform sex on camera for viewing by the sex-starved and generally poorly-sexually-educated public, are in constant peril that one of these people, who've been propagandized to for years by their churches and other "moral leaders" that porn stars are sinful and agents of Satan, will take the anti-sex nuts seriously and attempt to "rid the world" of some sexual performer just for doing her (or his) job, thereby earning the killer (or rapist or mutilator) a place at the right hand of Jesus where all religious "do-gooders" supposedly sit. THEREFORE, it behooves anyone who has access to a performer's real name, not reveal it, so as to make it more difficult for the potential killer/rapist to find that person and commit their planned atrocity.

2) One should always be suspicious of anyone who wants to know a performer's real name, and moreso of someone who wants to reveal that name publicly, because they're clearly playing a "power game," where the person who knows the real name of a performer, knowing how vulnerable that performer is to harm by the myriad nuts out there, feels that he/she now has some power of the performer (which, to an extent, he/she does). Hence, there's no reason for anyone except friends and business relations to know a performer's real name because power trips are potentially some of the most damaging games one can play in a free society, and anyone whose ego is so deficient that he/she "needs" to know a performer's real name in order to feel better about him/herself is simply a sick individual who needs psychotherapy, not a gossip column's list of names.

3) Ever notice, when mainstream newspapers report on Hollywood stars, they refer to them as "Cary Grant," "Joan Crawford" and "Tom Cruise," not as "Cary Grant, whose real name is Archibald Leach," or "Joan Crawford, whose real name is Lucille LeSueur" or "Tom Cruise, whose real name is Thomas Mapother IV". However, those same papers have no qualms about revealing porn stars' names, like "Jenna Jameson, whose real name is ..." Why do they do that? To show how little respect they have for porn performers — as if it doesn't matter that they've revealed a name that that person would rather not be made public for some reason, which is why they adopted a pseudonym in the first place. The stories are legion of porn stars who've been cut off from all contact with their families after their real names were publicly revealed and some idiot sent the clipping to the girl's parents. Adult sites which reveal porn stars' real names simply show they have as little respect for the privacy rights of performers as mainstreamers ... and such sites deserve as little respect as they give.


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