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So it seems that Planned Parenthood wanted to open a women's clinic in Aurora, Ill., and they were a little worried that local assholes like the Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League would picket the building site and harass the workers there ... so they submitted their plans to the city under the name of "Gemini Office Development LLC" so the anti-choicers wouldn't get wind of the project too early.

But now everybody knows, and some city councilcritters are claiming they were duped, even though Planned Parenthood didn't lie about anything on their application to the Illinois Finance Authority for approval of a bond measure to help fund construction and land acquisition costs.

Steve Trombley, the guy who put the project together, said he decided to go with the Gemini name after he was made aware that anti-abortion activists had started photographing construction workers' license plates, and intended to picket the homes of employees working for the medical office.

The religionists' response?

"We certainly are willing to picket the homes of abortion workers," said Eric Scheidler, whose dad was convicted of racketeering, extortion and conspiracy against women's clinics until the convictions were reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court on a technicality. "If they don't want their neighbors to know they work at the largest abortion clinic in the world, you shouldn't work there." [Emphasis added]

Just something to think about, all you folks who go to work every day in buildings where they sell sexually explicit content: Your opponents don't really believe in free enterprise.


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