Remember "Sex Slaves"? Another Big Lie!

Y'all ought to check out Susie Bright's latest offering , this time a review of Laura Agustin's "Sex at the Margins: Migration, Labor Markets and the Rescue Industry" and a brief interview with her.

Some salient passages from the article:

"Last month in the Washington Post, a shocking story appeared: 'Human Trafficking Evokes Outrage, Little Evidence: U.S. Estimates Thousands of Victims, But Efforts to Find Them Fall Short.'


"It turns out nearly 30 million dollars was spent, in a passionate effort, to find a relative tiny number of victims. The 'experts' had estimated over 50,000 sex slaves, then up to a million, and warned of a tidal wave on the horizon. Yet over ten years, and aggressive funding, the activists on the ground found closer to a thousand undocumented workers who matched the description of who they were looking for...

"When well-intended social workers and enforcement agents sought out female migrant workers with grievances, they often found people who said, 'I'm desperate for papers, but I'm not doing sex work -- I'm in a different sort of bondage!'

"Or, they found migrants who said, 'I am doing sex work, but I'm making it worth my while, and the one way you could help me is by either getting out of my way or getting me legal documents so I make my own decision.' Or, they found male prostitutes who didn't fit the feminine portrait of victimization at all, and they weren't eligible for 'help,' either. The problem as conceived by the policy makers was completely mismatched with the reality."

Sorry, theocons: I guess "sex slavery" is just one more bogus charge you can't use against us!



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