Preliminary Thoughts On A Simplified 2257 System

It's time to begin a discussion on what an ideal 2257 system would be.

Privacy considerations aside for a moment, if the government really wanted to track whether any underage performers have managed to sneak into the industry and are performing sex on camera, it would seem as if that's a pretty easy thing to do.

Here's one suggestion:

1) All existing performers and anyone wishing to enter the industry as a performer would be required to submit their government-issued photo identification to the manager of one central (registered and bonded) databank, where photocopies of all such identifications will be kept on file. That (registered and bonded) manager would be trained to spot phony IDs, and if there were any question regarding the authenticity of the ID, the performer would not be allowed to perform until the ID question was settled. The simplest method would be to obtain this information by funneling all talent to one central testing facility, where they could be screened for STDs and entered into the databank at the same time.

2) When the photo ID is scanned for entry into the database, the performer will be required to give a thumbprint which will be filed along with the photo ID and linked to that ID.

3) Each performer on a set will be required to input his/her thumbprint, using a thumbprint scanner similar to those found in banks, before being permitted to perform any sexual act on camera. The thumbprint scanner will be connected to an on-site computer, and the scanned thumbprint will be checked against the performer's documentation in the database, which the producer/director will be able to see on the computer screen. If the thumbprint ID does not match the photo ID on the screen, the performer will not be permitted to perform.

4) Each production will be assigned a unique production number (it could easily be a bar code) in a separate but linked database dedicated to sexually explicit productions, and all scanned thumbprints, together with a link to the performer's photo ID, will be saved to a file identified with that production number. The production number will also appear on all packaging materials, disks, websites, magazines or other media where footage or still photos from that shoot appear.

5) If the government suspects that a particular performer is underage, a warrant could be issued for the photo ID in the databank, and a list of all movies and other works in which the performer has appeared. If, upon checking the sexually explicit content of any of the works in the databank, it is discovered that the performer appearing in the content is not the performer identified in the databank, and that that performer appears to be underage, an arrest warrant could be issued for the producer and/or director and for the performer who committed the fraud. Also, an automatic warning could be generated to recall the work(s) in question from stores, VOD sites and other outlets.

6) The costs of maintaining the databanks could be assessed to each production company, either at a flat rate or perhaps prorated depending on the number of performers involved in the production.

Not too tough, is it?

Comments are invited. (See "comment" link below.)


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