Preacher's Lies Reconsidered

Y'know what my problem is? I don't think like a theocon.

What that means is, when I read something about James Dobson claiming that him and 50 other "pro-family leaders" (read: theocons) have all signed a letter saying they won't support any candidate who isn't thoroughly "pro-life" (i.e., anti-abortion, pro-death penalty, anti-stem cell research, anti-government poverty programs, anti-universal healthcare, etc.) and that if the Repugnican nominee isn't "pro-life," they'll vote third-party, I tend to take them at face value but assume they'll change their position as the election gets nearer.

I think I may have missed the bigger picture here.

Consider: Repugnicans have fucked up the economy, the media and the judicial system nearly beyond repair. The dollar is tanking; real estate sales (one of the backbones of the economy) are in the toilet, in large part because the government's allowed banks and mortgage companies to make an incredible number of subprime loans at variable interest rates that the government knew would go up, not down, and hence drive those subprime mortgagees into bankruptcy (which the latest laws passed a couple of years ago by the Repugnican-dominated congress generally prevent them from doing) or at least foreclosure; and increased the national debt by over 40% in the last six years to an impossibly high $9 trillion. Also, the Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches have been gutted; habeas corpus is now inapplicable to anyone the government doesn't want it to apply to; the Justice Department has fired US Attorneys for doing their jobs properly and installed sycophants who see their job as merely to toe the party line and take orders from the administration; the Supreme Court is one justice away from being a theocon/neocon rubber-stamp; there are 100 theocon talk show hosts for every one progressive ... et cetera, et cetera and on and on and on ...

So ... on account of all that, a lot of people (read: voters) aren't very happy. More than 70% of them want the Iraq war to stop; 47 million of them are without health insurance; most of the good new jobs are being "outsourced" to India, and lots of people who once had full-time jobs now have to work two part-time ones, none of which provide healthcare or any other benefits, and pretty much all of the rest of the civilized world hates us.

So the question arises: Why would the 'Pugs even want to run the country after 2008? 

And the answer is: They don't!

See, they're perfectly happy to take their marbles (read: big buck government handouts through no-bid contracts, earmarks, etc.) and go home and let the Democrats figure out how to correct their fuck-ups — Democrats who have become so disorganized by failing to understand Repugnican propaganda techniques that they lack a coherent vision of their own (since they now only think in Repugnican-inspired terms aka "frames"). Moreover, the 'Pugs will retain control of the media, through which they will point out every Democrat failure and Repugnican "solution" until the populace forgets what a mess the 'Pugs made of things when they were in power  ... and put them back in power, probably in 2012, or 2016 at the very latest ... at which point all the good loyal Amurricans should be ready for a theocracy.

So it now seems to me that when Dobson says that if nobody (read: Repugnicans) runs a thoroughly "pro-family" nominee, they'll take their flock and vote for a third-party candidate, what they're really saying is, since even with the election fixing that went on in '04, Bush barely squeaked out enough electoral votes to win, and failed to win the popular vote altogether, so if the "evangelicals" (read: fundamentalists) pull their votes away from the Repugnican candidate, that guy will lose ... which is exactly what they want to have happen.

I'll have more thoughts on this as time goes on ... but do spend the interval thinking about the wonders of the game of politics.


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