Pervy R.I. Justice Steps Down

He watched his driver's daughter bathe

PROVIDENCE, R.I.—According to the Providence Journal, Frank J. Williams, the now-retired Chief Justice of Rhode Island's Supreme Court, has finally been convinced to stop coming to work, the reason/excuse being that his constance presence at his limo driver's house was cited as a cause for the couple's divorce.

But one has to read the Journal's article to get a whiff of how bizarre the man entrusted with leading the state's highest judicial body has behaved.

"The controversy surrounding Williams erupted two weeks ago at a divorce hearing involving Pamela DosReis, a deputy sheriff and former driver for Williams, and her estranged husband, Frank J. DosReis, a state corrections officer," the Journal's article says.

"Over two days, Pamela and Frank DosReis testified that Williams, the godfather of their 6-year-old daughter, was paying her tuition at St. Mary Academy-Bay View in East Providence. Testimony also revealed that Williams had keys to the DosReis’ house in Johnston and he regularly slept there in his own bedroom." [Emphasis added]

"Pamela DosReis, who denied having a romantic relationship with Williams, also testified that the judge bought the family a $1,000 television and tires for her husband’s truck."

"Frank DosReis testifed that he was 'intimidated' by Williams' power and that he never confronted him about his constant presence with the family. He also testified that Williams watched his goddaughter while she bathed, accompanied the two of them to a 'father-daughter dance' in West Warwick, and that the child referred to Williams as 'Chiefy.'" [Emphasis added]

Williams had continued working at the Supreme Court on a per diem basis after his retirement, but last week, Chief Family Court Judge Jeremiah S. Jeremiah Jr. issued a Protective Order barring Williams from having any contact with his goddaughter at least until the next hearing in the divorce proceedings. However, "Williams has indicated that he hopes the court will allow him to resume visitation with the child," the article says.

IMO, that's twisted, dude.


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