Now THIS Is What I'm Talkin' About

Looks like everybody and his/her brother (or sister) is linking to this Budweiser ad produced for the Web (since it's unlikely that the FCC would let any TV station run it) — but I've gotta say, it's just another tawdry jab at both the adult industry and women's sexuality.

The basic "plot" is, a guy goes into a convenience store to pick up a six-pack of Bud Light ... and a lip balm, a copy of "Tongue and Cheeks" — anal! — and a pack of batteries ... and just as the clerk, for whom English is obviously a second language, goes under the counter to get the mag, one of the guy's female friends recognizes him in line and says hello ... which, of course, requires him to say, when the clerk produces the magazine, that the thing isn't really for him, it's for a friend, because "I don't read this stuff." Of course, the woman looks disapproving — after all, in the American mythos, women would never read a magazine about analingus — and she's even more disgusted when the porn fan behind her suggests that the guy buy the three-pack because "it's cheaper." And as the guy tries to leave quickly to get away from the woman's disgusted stare, he's forced back inside by a robber — and of course the nightly news headline is, "Porno Guy Held Hostage."

So perhaps you should know that the first line of the intro I'm writing to my forthcoming collection of articles is, "It's Just Sex!" —and will be about America's obsession with the subject — and why this would be a better world if everybody just calmed down about it.


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