Not All The News That's Fit To Print

An article on the website First Coast News talks about a "sex tape" that a woman in Clay County, Florida gave to police. On the tape, the woman and her husband could be seen, according to a police report, "torturing a live frog, two live chameleons, and a live parakeet - all for sexual gratification." [Emphasis added]

It's that last part, of course, that interested me. The article goes on to say that three of the animals "were nailed to a board while they were still alive," and that prior to killing an animal, "they would poke the animal with different sharp objects," and that "the couple slowly beheaded the animals with large knives." That's all the description given of what happens on the tape.

Well, maybe I'm missing something here - I'm not into "crush" action - but how did the cops know the couple was getting "sexual gratification" from this? Did the tape show the pair fondling themselves or each other? Could they be seen having sex on the corpses of dead chameleons? Was one (or both) of them trying to fuck the parakeet?

I mean, if you're going to claim that somebody got "sexual gratification" from killing small animals - which tortures and deaths are described in some detail - isn't incumbent to also say what sort of (claimed) "sexual gratification" was in evidence? Or should we just assume it's more cop bullshit?


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