My First Quick Post-Election Post

 The background: I went to high school with this guy whose dad was a really famous network news commentator, though I gotta tell ya, I don't remember anything he said — but then again, I wasn't paying a lot of attention to the news in those days; I was much more interested in having fun.

But anyway, my high school has a blog, and I read it and contribute to it fairly frequently ... but the commentator's son posted a long rant (his words are in italics below) which I had the urge to respond to, since it's emblematic of what Obama and his supporters will be subject to over the next four (or eight) years:

 In a message dated 11/5/08 8:10:02 AM, David [name withheld to protect the guilty] writes in response to another poster:

Ben , Soon many , many words and people will fail you . I can assure you that as of Obama's election as POTUS tonight and the press corps stays true to form they will do a " jimmy carter "on obama which is a way of saying that now obama is the man the press , as they did with carter will now begin to really dig seriously deep into obama's past and some really ugly and damning thing's on Barry . In most cases I believe , most news sources have the dirt on barry and were just waiting for the him to be elected tonight .

And the facts upon which you base your claim that the press will find something "really ugly and damning" in Obama's past are what, exactly?

Race was never an issue with barry while he was running and the press gave him an unprecedented and highly unusual pass's , barry's Reverand wright story was given a very short shelf life by the press all thing's considrered . I believe it came and went in less than a week .

Close - about three or four months, actually.

Had the reverand wrights story been talked about on radio and television for weeks and months like the whispering campaign concerning mccains shabby treatment of his first wife and stories that abounded about his dangerous and ballistic flameouts on his temper and that he frequently called his wife a bitch and a stupid cunt in public and on the campaign plane along with an ever so subtle whisper of physical abuse by mccain toward his wife . I ask you , if obama , not mccain had said and done these things to michelle would the press have gone on record in the print  radio and television airwaves pilloring obama for months on end ?

Of course. For the son of a member of the media, you certainly have little understanding of how they work.

 Why did the press give short shrift to the fact that obama and his wife filed joint a joint tax return in 2007 for $4.5 Million dollars ? Damn good money if you can get it for a community organizer , illinois state senator and U.S. Senator , like I said , Damn good money if you can get it . No matter what descrepencies that came up , they vanished as quick as thet had come up .

Um ... what "discrepencies" DID come up? You apparently have some information no one else in the civilized world has; why not share it with us?

 Rev. Wright , gone in a week ,


Tony Ratso not gone in a week but barely on the radar after the first week .


 The unrepentant terrorist couple , Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn , Headlines for a day or two and then relagated to the back of the paper .


 Very publicly endorsed by the blatantly anti semetic Minister Farrakan , a one day headline if that and then relagated to the back of the paper.

And McCain was endorsed by the virulently anti-Catholic armageddonist Revs. John Hagee and Rob Parsley. If you want to do competing religious nutcases, Bring It On! And let's not forget, McCain INVITED Hagee and Parsley into his campaign; not so with Obama and Farrakhan.

 Hundreds of millions of dollars comming in from overseas for the obama campaign with nary a raised eyebrow fron the Nations Press corps.


 Now I'm not saying that obama is guilty of even responsible for any of the above !

Oh, good - 'cause I was afraid you were just listing all that stuff to try to damage his image, as if any of it meant anything substantive or was, like, The Truth or something.

 What I am saying however is why did the National press corps turn a blind eye to all these potentially explosive and campaign endind discrepancies when they arose ?

I'm guessing you don't read newspapers or listen to newscasts on even a monthly basis, do you?

Now with Obama apparently the New President -Elect Of The U.S I do believe the press corps will now that Obama is safely ensconced as President- Elect of these United States , the National press corps will dust of those stacks of old news stories , the ones deemed unworthy of their time when they were working 24 odd 7 to put Obama into the White House and between now and the end of barry's first term in office those nice fellows from the press will do everything they possibly can to make barry's first term absolute hell .

Oh, that's assured - but not because they once loved Obama and are now, fickle entities that they are, just spreading lies and hatred for the hell of it. The fact is, more than 90% of the news media is conservative, and a fair portion of that insanely so, and they will be spending the nest four (o0r eight) years attempting to thwart whatever good plans he may have for the American citizen. I've written about that here .

Look no furthur than the love / hate dynamics wherein the press corps took a little known one term governor from georgia name of jimmy carter , singlehandidly built him a big new shiney Campaign bus and drove that redneck georgia boy smack dab into the White House whereupon  they inflicted a mean ass , viscious asswhipping to his very being .

In other words, the press was acting true to its usual conservative form.

 Forget not my fellow windsorites that what the press giveth the press can easily take away .

All the more reason people should read Glenn Greenwald's "Great American Hypocrites," which exposes the press as generally uninterested in substantive issues but rather obsessed with stories about personalities and trivia (like John Edwards' $400 haircut -- though Mitt Romney's $150 makeup job on the campaign trail got no traction whatsoever.)

I am concerned for barry because when he's least expecting it , the collective press corp's gonna hit him upside the head with a politico-journalistic 4x4 which will not stop until they have completely destroyed obama's credibility wreaking with the lumps of shit they have covered him in .

I have no doubt that's what will happen in your eyes. The rest of us may be able to look further and deeper.

Yes folks this was one hell of an election in many way's indeed . It is conceivable that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama was the first President Of The United States  to achieve the Pesidency , literally , through a sheer mass of  "Political  Correctness run amok " .

I'd call it a lie, but it's just another of your skewed political opinions, to which you're entitled.

 Then again , perhaps the little know U.S. Senator from the state of Illinois could have done it without any help from the Whores of the press corp's .

You (or others with less bias) might want to check out The Myth of Pro-Obama Media Bias .

In Politic's Anything Goes and makes alot of very strange bedfellows. God Speed and good luck to our new President-Elect , may the god's be with him and let us pray that no harm comes to him , after all , He is our new President and may God Keep him from harm .Take note God May keep him from harm from those that wish him ill . However , God has never kept a President from harm from the poison pens and lenses of the Press Corps . And so it goes , early Wednesday Morning , November 5th , 2008

I just hope he doesn't get assassinated by the nutcases who've been fixtures at McCain/Palin rallies for the past few months.

Mark Kernes, '64-'66

(Spelling and punctuation errors reproduced from original posting)


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