Miss Me?

Yeah, it's been a while ...

But I have a (fairly) good excuse: I spent three days last week attending (and getting to and from) a conference with the FBI on 2257, which I'm sure you've read about on

But let me tell you, that trip had a few non-porn lessons for me as well. For one thing, I'm going to avoid making connections through Atlanta whenever possible, and I'm not sure if I want to fly Delta again.

Apparently, Atlanta is not only a hub for several airlines, but also a hub for bad weather pretty much year around, and on the way back from the FBI thing, I managed to miss my connecting flight -- or rather, Delta helped me miss it -- Thursday night and had to spend it at what I assume is the official Delta "fucked travelers" hotel (a Holiday Inn) until I could fly out the next morning.

Trouble is, I have sleep apnea, which means that in order to sleep, I have to be hooked up to a machine that helps me breathe. If I don't use it, I stop breathing for minutes at a time, which is bad for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that it can raise blood pressure significantly and bring on heart attacks.

But even though I was stuck in Atlanta, and even though my luggage (with the sleep machine) was there as well, for some reason, even though I had the bar-coded luggage receipt, I couldn't get the airport personnel to fish out my bag, even though I told them it was a "medical emergency."

So I spent Thursday night in a room at the Holiday Inn -- which had the most "interesting" air conditioner that seemed to double as a humidifier -- mostly watching bad TV while finishing writing my article on the FBI conference and not sleeping a wink -- and from this, I learned a couple more lessons:

1) Avoid staying at Holiday Inns while traveling.

2) Carry my sleep apnea machine with me on the plane. 

But whatthefuck: I'm back, and hope to post with some regularity in the coming days ... at least until I head for the annual Free Speech strategy session at the end of the month. 


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