Marriotts And Your Health

Bob Peters, president of Morality In Media, has been blathering a bit on his site about how he stayed at a Marriott recently - which, of course, he would never stay at, God forbid, since they <gasp!> make PORN available on the room TV - but one of his relatives made the reservation, anyway, and he thought he was staying at one of the Marriott family-owned locations - something to do with the fact that they had a portrait of Marriott Jr. and Daddy Marriott on the wall in the lobby - but lo and behold, just before he checked out, he checked out the PPV menu and <gasp!> there really were adult offerings that, God forbid, he might have accidentally tuned into, or, God forbid, YOU might have accidentally tuned into, if you'd accidentally pressed five or six buttons on the remote and, God forbid, accidentally clicked "Yes" when it asked you if you wanted to have Babes In Bondage charged to your room bill ... and then, God forbid, clicked "Yes" again when it asked you if you were sure ... These people make me tired!


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