Kneejerk Novelty Bashing In Texas

They're still getting used to the Reliable Consultants decision down there

HIGHLAND PARK, Tex. — Seems that the impending opening of a new Sara's Secret at 5631 Lovers Lane (can't beat that address!) has been attracting a little attention in the "Park Cities" area — that is, the upscale communities that are Highland Park and University Park, north of Dallas.

"How will you feel about running errands with your kids or going to one of your favorite family restaurants with this new shop a door or two down the way?" writes "journalist" Merritt Patterson on the Park Cities People Blog, in a post entitled, "Sara’s Sizzling Secret is Sensuous. And it’s Makin’ Moms Mad." "Well, you’re about to find out. Sara’s Secret is moving in between Beading Dreams and Inwood Cleaners near Rafa’s at 5631 Lovers. Sara’s Secret Sr. Vice President Gary Krupkin told me the shop is opening early next week and the windows will display 'only soft items like lingerie and lotions.' Krupkin said it’s an 'upscale store and anything even remotely offensive will be in the rear of the store behind a curtain.' ... Mr. Krupkin, Maybe it would help if you donated some gift baskets to the school auctions. Well, I don’t think it would necessarily help any at all but it would be fun to sit back and watch it all unfold. I’m just sayin’."

We couldn't help but notice that apparently no moms actually said anything to Patterson about the store making them "mad" — must be Patterson picking up on one of those "penumbra" things that Justice Brennan once talked about...

Fortunately, ParkCities readers were quick to jump to the store's defense.

"Give them a chance….do you cover your kids eyes at Northpark when you walk by the Victoria’s Secret?" wrote Avid Reader.

"That’s so totally not the same thing and you know it," Patterson responded, apparently feeling some psychic vibrations from the store's back room — possibly those "penumbras" Justice Brennan once talked about. "I’m calling your mom."

Jo took issue with that statement:

"If the company is only going to display lingerie in the window, then it IS the same as Victoria’s Secret, unless parents are planning on taking their kids inside with them. There has been a Fredrick’s in every mall I frequented as a kid/tween with lingerie and lotion displays (they’ve tamed themselves down in more recent years) and I never gave it a second thought until I was in high school (and even then it was on a dare because we were curious WHAT was in there)."

"I really don’t see what the hub-bub is," offered Janice. "If you don’t want to shop there, then don’t. If the community doesn’t like it and they don’t get business, then they will close their doors and be gone. But I would much rather them be allowed to TRY to do business since we are a capitalistic society and they deserve the right to be there as do the bars that serve alcohol — which I believe is more damaging to the general public than sex toys — and Inwood theatre that shows R rated movies. Personally I am glad that they are moving closer to my neighborhood. Especially with gas going up again, I have less distance to travel."

So with the store set to open just after Memorial Day, we'll look for reports on how many parents actually cover their kids' eyes as they walk past. We're guessing not many.


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