Just A Thought

And the thought has a title: "What Democrats Could Learn About Sex From Repugnicans' Opposition To Healthcare."

I can't say I've been following the healthcare debate very closely, but I have seen enough to know that the vast majority of Repugnicans in both the House and the Senate are not going to vote—nohow, no way—for any bill that promises comprehensive healthcare reform (e.g.)... and that President Obama and apparently a couple of Dem leaders (notably Max Baucus) seem convinced that if they can just make enough concessions to what the health insurers and other healthcare reform opponents want (as expressed through the Repugnican and even some Democratic legislators), that one or two Repugs may actually vote for the thing when it comes to the floor.

So I got to thinking as I was driving into work today, and remembering that if there's one thing that both Democrat and Repugnican legislators seem to be able to agree upon, it's that sexual speech must be marginalized and suppressed. And yet, historically, Democrats have been far more "speech-friendly" than Republicans, and I strongly suspect that some Democrats take anti-free-speech positions as a "cover" for their more liberal views.

In other words, "Yeah, I'm for prosecuting anyone involved in torturing enemy combatants and I'm for a government-run single-payer health plan... but I'm against pornography, so you can vote for me or my issues because i'm a 'family values' type of person."

But most adults watch porn of one sort or another; a lot of them just won't admit it... so any Democrat who thinks he (or she) can curry favor with The Party of Evil by opposing free sexual speech is simply deluding him/herself. Repugnicans are obstructionist by nature, and Democrats who think their opposition to adults' free access to porn will cause even one 'Pug to look favorably on the Dem's other legislation or proposals just doesn't understand the Republican mindset.

So my advice is, Give It Up! Support the free flow of ideas (even about sex) that the Founders envisioned for America and let the chips fall where they may.

Now, obviously, some Dems oppose free sexual speech for (insane) reasons other than as a sop to Repugs... but for those for whom it is only a tactical move, Get With The Program!


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