"It's Just A Performance"

 Rush Limbaugh gave an interview to the Palm Beach Post recently, that touched on his "phony soldiers" epithet which I'll be discussing elsewhere. Here, however, is a particularly revealing excerpt from the interview:

Limbaugh also addressed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's attack on the radio host over his misinterpreted comments about "phony soldiers":

"When the Senate majority leader denounces me, that could have an impact on my business. But I no longer care about other people's opinions. I learned to handle criticism and take blows. When 30 percent of the country hates your guts, it takes a psychological toll.

"Frankly, I love myself a whole lot more."

He added: "Don't forget that the radio show is just a performance."

Well, aren't you happy? The "analysis" and "commentary" from one of the biggest jackasses on radio today, which has probably caused more turmoil in government and society over the past decade or so than any other media personality, has "just [been giving] a performance"! And you can probably guess who scripts that performance!

Just in case y'all were wondering, this blog is not "just a performance." 


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