It's All In How You Look At It

 Now that I'm back from the Gentlemen's Club Expo, I was looking through my accumulated emails today, and of course, among the first batches I opened were the ones from OneNewsNow , formerly AgapePress News Summary, formerly Christian News Service, and the following headline caught my eye:

Holiday Inn dumps Christian banquet; group says anti-Christian discrimination at play
Jim Brown
August 29, 2007

Intrigued, I read on:

"Holiday Inn is being accused of anti-Christian discrimination for refusing to allow a Christian non-profit group to hold its annual banquet at one of its suburban Chicago locations."

Now, bear in mind that OneNewsNow never -- and I mean never, ever -- discloses in its opening paragraph which Christian "group" or "expert" or "activist" or whatever that it's referring to as having been "discriminated against" or who is "calling for action" or who "commends President Bush for doing a really good job" on something-or-other; you always have to go to at least the second paragraph to find out that information.

So, of course, I read on: 

"Americans for Truth (AFT) had reached a verbal agreement with the Holiday Inn Select in Naperville, Illinois, to hold its October 6 banquet at the hotel. AFT had the reservation for several weeks, and both parties had even discussed the menu for the event."

Ah, now we're getting somewhere! "Americans for Truth" is one of those fundamentalist anti-gay organizations, an offshoot of (if memory serves) Tim & Virginia LaHaye's "Concerned Women for America" or another one of those fundie cult groups.

Intrigued, I read on: 

"But when AFT executive director Peter LaBarbera told the banquet coordinator the event might draw a protest from homosexual activists, general manager Dennis Igoe dropped the reservation due to what he called 'potential negative publicity to the hotel.' Florida-based Liberty Counsel then sent a letter to Igoe, informing him that his 'cancellation of Americans for Truth's reservation raises serious concerns of unlawful discrimination under the Illinois Human Rights Act which prohibits discrimination in places of public accommodation on the basis of religion.'

"According to LaBarbera, Igoe's decision to reject AFT was then ratified by Holiday Inn's corporate offices. LaBarbera says he cannot imagine the hotel treating homosexual activists in the same manner. He calls this another example of Christians being treated as second-class citizens in U.S. society."

And that's why I read these assholes' ravings on a daily basis: THEY'RE SO FUNNY!

What they're saying, in essence, is, they wanted to give a banquet where somebody would get an award for being "ex-gay," or somebody (certainly, at least, LaBarbera himself) would give a speech about how "homos" could be cured if they only had enough faith in Jesus, or some-such other horseshit as you can find plenty of on the group's website -- and that darned hotel manager didn't wanna let them do it because (if you believe LaBarbera's story) they were afraid of getting picketed by gay rights groups or (more likely) the manager was simply a decent human being who got wind of what kind of bigots these jackasses were, and figured he didn't need that kind of business for his hotel.

And now they're claiming that the manager is "anti-Christian" because he won't play host to their rampant discrimination! As if every Christian in the world is as narrow-minded and prejudiced as these idiots!

So anyway, I had an idea for a different headline for the story: Hotel Drops Bigot Banquet 


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