Is This Cool Or What?

3D Porn Is The Future, Baby!

As everybody probably knows by now, I'm quite into 3D, so when I was contacted several months ago by Ben Hoffman of Current TV's Infomania about their coverage of the Adult Entertainment Expo, I suggested that, since he's the show's "tech reporter," that they might want to do a piece on 3D porn. And so this week, they did!:

Infomania: 3D Porn

For those who don't pick up on it, the 3D porn set they're visiting is Pink Visual's — you know, the folks who are coming out with a lenticular sheath for iPhones so people can see hardcore 3D anytime they want — and the show even zooms in for a close-up of an article I wrote on the subject. They also interview John hart, a long-time member of the Southern California Stereo Club, which meets the third Thursday of every month in Pasadena, and they have a "movie division" that meets somewhat less regularly as well.

And finally, Hoffman interviews some attendees at Erotica LA about the 3D exhibitors at the convention.

Anyway, it's a fun five minutes or so, so everybody enjoy!


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