Introduction To The Glories Of Me

Even before AVN moved into its current location in Chatsworth, my boss Paul Fishbein was apparently convinced that I thought the offices needed a lunch room, and so he made sure the new building had a room set aside for that, and soon christened it the "Mark Kernes Lunch Room."

Frankly, I don't recall ever even mentioning the lack of a lunch room, but then again, my memory's none too good for anything except legal stuff, so I s'pose I might actually have spent years begging for one. Anyway, now my name's on a plaque over the door.

On the other hand, when AVN announced that it was totally revamping its website, I started a campaign to get a blog just for me on the site, because in my daily meanderings over the Internet, in books and newspapers, I come across a lot of stuff that I think would be interesting to's readers, but which just aren't "big enough" to make a full-fledged story out of. The topics will range from sex to politics to sex to religion to sex to any sort of weird shit these weirdoes who have and sell sex for a living might find interesting - and having been in said industry for nearly 25 years now, I think I have a handle on what that stuff might be.

Anyway, read it and weep .. or, more likely, laugh ... and who knows? Something here might inspire you to become politically involved, since only in that way, I am firmly convinced, will this industry survive.


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