In Case You Were Wondering About The New Star Trek Movie ...

Thanks, Dr. Ted Baehr!

... here's a rundown of its contents, thanks to, THE place to go for your whacko-rightwing-fundamentalist movie reviews (and no, I have no idea what the letters stand for):


(B, C, Pa, FR, LL, VV, S, N, A, MM) Very light moral worldview with loyalty and self-sacrifice to save others and one positive reference to faith as well as the Vulcans worship a goddess; 10 obscenities and four profanities; strong intense action violence includes serious fight scenes, including holding somebody down and beating them several times, fighting with swords and guns, sword stabbed through the chest, stepping on people’s hands while they hang on the abyss, mechanical violence, and a bug that eats into the brain dropped into a man’s mouth; one interspecies sex scene with the parties partially clothed and kissing, plus several sexual innuendoes; brief upper male nudity, women in skimpy underwear; serious alcohol use; no smoking or illegal drug use; and, character is drugged to smuggle him aboard a spaceship, cheating extolled, information withheld, and lying occurs.

On the other hand, 17 Again is even worse — in fact, it's currently the worst movie in theaters today according to MovieGuide's ranking. Here's its contents:
(OO, BB, C, Ho, LL, V, SS, N, A, MM) Strong occult worldview with characters believing that a spirit guide is responsible for the main character’s transformation and a couple references to boy possibly being a vampire or a cyborg without his knowledge, with, however, some strong moral elements with redemptive aspects where protagonist tries to make amends with his children and his wife, and a homosexual reference; 14 obscenities and six profanities; man falls into a swirling whirlpool, boy fights against man using various pieces of weaponry such as an ax, a sword, and light sabers, man falls off of balcony, boy knocks man’s legs out from under him with light saber, man kicks boy in the lower region, man drops picture frame on boy’s head, boy tackles other boy in classroom and fistfight ensues, boy punches other boy at party, boy gets slapped by four different women, man slaps boy four times; strong accumulative sexual references includes implied fornication, references to adultery, cheerleaders perform sexy dances at basketball games, boy joins the cheerleaders’ dance and rips his pants off at the end but he has basketball shorts on, boy passionately kisses girlfriend, boss of main character is a womanizer, woman compliments another woman on her backside and asks “when was the last time you waxed,” two sexual references to man’s private region, sexual references such as “I think our hands just made a baby,” man asks to smell woman’s hair, girl says if a boy were an apple he’d be delicious, intoxicated woman tries to smell teenage boy, woman says her friend needs to get a man to go home with her after a date, multiple shots of girl making out with her boyfriend, teacher facilitates classroom discussion on human sexuality and passes out condoms, man uses a seduction technique called “peacocking” to hit on woman, woman makes reference to “cougar-hunting,” boy continually lusts after older woman who is actually his wife but since he is in his 17-year-old body it makes the scenes awkward, teenage boy kisses older woman, boy puts hand on older woman’s backside during dance, girls hit on boy and tell him not to respect them and that they are too flexible, girl hits on boy by trying to kiss him and chases him around a bedroom acting like an animal because she thinks they are role playing, boy tries to coerce girl into having sexual relations with him but she says no, man and woman make references to potential sex on their date, woman says “you can plunder my dungeon anytime” and man responds in kind, girl thinks that boy is gay because he turns down her advances, implied fornication; upper male nudity, cheerleaders show midriffs, female cleavage, teenage girls wear bikinis at party, side rear view of fully naked teenage boy private parts are strategically covered by object; woman comes home drunk from happy hour, boy is drunk at party, teenagers have a party where it is implied that drinking may be going on; and, negative parental role model in beginning but he straightens out at the end, teen partying, boy gets girlfriend pregnant but takes responsibility for his actions and asks her to marry him, teenage kids are disrespectful toward their father, lying, stealing, bullying by teenagers at school, boy says that making love is something two people should preferably do when they are married, and teacher says that although it’s preferred that the students remain abstinent, the school’s official position is to prepare students for safe sex now.
Boy, you barely have to even go to movies anymore! Thanks, MovieGuide!


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