If You're Not Doing Anything Next Tuesday (10/21)...

... You Might Want To Attend The LA City Council Meeting

Remember Prop 8, the ballot initiative that would take away gay people's right to get married? Well, most of you have probably not read anywhere near the amount of propaganda that I have from religious conservative groups who are foaming at the mouth over the possibility that gay people might get more of the same rights that straights already have — and they've made up the wildest stories about what keeping gay marriage legal would mean. For instance, they claim that school kids would be "indoctrinated" into the "gay lifestyle," and — Heaven forbid! — more people might call fundamentalists the "bigots" they are for claiming that homosexuality is the work of the Devil.

So it's with interest that I noticed this screed from Tim Wildmon, son of Donald Wildmon, founder of the religio-fascist American Family Association (AFA), exhorting his readers to attend next Tuesday's LA City Council meeting, where confessed "former porn addict" James Lambert will be delivering the AFA's plea for support for Prop 8.

Here's Wildmon's announcement:

<<Attend the Los Angeles city council next Tuesday

Dear Friend,

California marriage activist James Lambert will be addressing the Los Angeles city council on Tuesday, October 21, 2008.

Essentially, he will be asking city council members to support traditional marriage via Prop 8. He will present a pledge for council members to sign in support of traditional marriage. Already gay web sites are sprouting up trying to confuse the voters to vote no on Prop. 8.

At 10am he will be addressing city of Los Angeles, CA (non-agenda comments usually are held during the first 30 min of their meeting).

Support from AFA members would be appreciated. You can CALL your city council member and ask him or her to PUBLICLY support Prop. 8, or you can attend the meeting's first 1/2 hour to vocally support James' efforts.

Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association>>

Seemed to me that adult industry members — who probably understand the concept of sexual freedom better tahn anyone (except maybe the sex researchers) — might want to weigh in after hearing Lambert deliver his diatribe. Or at least call their city council members to oppose Prop 8.


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