If These Jackasses Are Willing To Admit This...

... to people who are unquestionably in his corner - "LifeNews" is a major theocon "news" site - then who knows what other scummy stuff this guy has pulled?

Kansas Attorney General Sex Scandal Also Rocks Abortion Investigations
by Steven Ertelt Editor
 December 9, 2007
Topeka, KS ( -- Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison has been rocked by a sexual harassment claim tied to an affair he had with a subordinate employee when he served as the Johnson County Attorney. Morrison is accused of urging the employee to gather information in a case his replacement is building against an abortion center.

Morrison has admitted to having an affair with Linda Carter, who was his director of administration at the county attorney's office.

She resigned her job at the end of November and filed a sexual harassment complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

In the claim, Carter alleges that Morrison pressured her in a number of political ways, including asking her to obtain confidential documents in the case new Johnson County Attorney Phill Kline, the former state attorney general, is building against a Planned Parenthood abortion business in Overland Park.


Morrison and Kline essentially switched jobs after Kline came under fire from people who actually respect the law because of his harassment of a Kansas abortion provider - harassment that Morrison, a former Republican, had promised not to continue. But this being Kansas, that promise didn't last long. Nice to see hypocrisy over sex isn't dead in the Wheat Belt.


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