I'm Ba-a-a-ck!

... and wouldn't'cha know it, just in time for these friggin' AVN Awards nominations! So don't necessarily expect to see postings as regularly as either of us would like. Besides, I still have to write up my visit to the Values Voter Summit ...

But in the meantime...

 One thing I didn't mention in my Five Star Video trial coverage is that, lurking at the back of the courtroom every day was Brent Ward, owner/operator of the Obscenity Prosecution Task Force -- flown in specially from Washington, I'm guessing, to keep an eye on his prosecutor Ken Whitted ... and after all, Whitted and Assistant US Attorney Paul Rood did have that big screaming match argument I missed on the first day ...

 Ward just sat at the very back, constantly writing notes on his yellow legal pad ... in which he seemed especially interested while the DVDs were being played; he never looked at the big TV screen even once, as far as I could tell, during the entire 7 or so hours the videos were being played.

He said all of nine words to me. I went up to him at one point and said, "Hi, I'm Mark Kernes of AVN magazine!"

"I know who you are," he replied balefully.

"Well, I just wanted to introduce myself and to say -- well, as you probably know, the FBI recently held a big meeting with people from the adult industry and the adult press to discuss their 2257 inspections, in an effort to make those go more smoothly and to make sure the press got the FBI's positions straight on a number of issues, and I just thought, if the Obscenity Task Force had an reason to communicate with the adult industry, I thought I'd offer my services as a member of the adult press to help you get the message out. I did mention that I work for AVN, didn't I?"

 "Yeah, you said that."

End of conversation. 

D'you suppose he has something against me? 


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