I Wrote To Rachel

Yes, I even ctiticize people I like and respect

Caught the Rachel Maddow Show last night (as all good porn people probably should) and was disappointed:

Dear Rachel,

As a fan of your MSNBC show from the beginning, and your radio show before that, I was quite disappointed with the sensationalism with which you covered the indictment/arrest of Rod Blagojevich.

I understand you're not a "newscaster" but rather a commentator; however, when you spend an entire segment playing faux clips from Blagojevich's phone conversations and commenting things like, "He sure appears guilty to me," you sink to the level of Limbaugh, Hannity and O'Reilly. As you mentioned, almost in passing, under U.S. law, EVERYONE who is arrested/indicted is presumed to be innocent, and while your personal views on Blagojevich's guilt are certainly your right as a citizen, I don't think it's proper for you as a commentator with a nationwide audience to, in a sense, pollute the potential jury pool by stating your views on national television. It demeans both yourself and the American system of justice - and considering what's happened to that over the past eight years, it really doesn't need any more demeaning.

Surely there must have been something else happening in the world that could have caught your attention besides Blagojevich?

Mark Kernes, Sr. Ed., Adult Video News (AVN) 


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