I Was Right Again!

Remember when I reported here that I was quoted as saying, "[L]et's face it —  there really aren't a lot of things that the administration can really run on these days. Come 2008, Republicans are not going to be running on the war in Iraq, they're not going to be running on how well they treat veterans or the great healthcare they are providing in the country, and they're not going to be running on the economy. What have they got to run on? They can run on anti-porn."

Well, today, Morality In Media (MIM) has come out with a press release confirming that.

"Morality in Media has promoted the annual White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week since the fall of 1987," the release reads in part. "This year, WRAP Week will also serve to kickoff a yearlong effort to make both major political parties aware of the need to enforce federal obscenity laws." [Emphasis added.]

Of course, MIM probably would have said that anyway. I mean, it's not as if they're known for their innovation; they're pretty much a one-issue organization. But with the Right fractured as to whom they're planning to support — Tony Perkins just gave a boost to Romney; a bunch of them are in the "Anybody But Giuliani" camp (he's an adulterer and a pro-abortionist, you know...); Coulter's calling Huckabee a Democrat and Thompson soft on criminals like Bill Clinton; and nobody seems to think Brownback, the perfect example of their purported philosophy, stands a chance of winning — and all of the candidates talking economics like Bush 2002 ("Just one more tax cut and the economy will be perfect"), rest assured that all the "pro-family" people will eventually center on suppressing porn as a major campaign issue.

I mean, what else have they got? 


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