I Correspond With My Friends

 In this case, a teacher in Ohio:

In a message dated 2/11/08 9:10:02 PM, my friend quotes

I don't understand exactly /how/
Obama embodies change, except that he tells us he does

I respond:

I think it's obvious. Clinton has been around Washington for 16 years now and has learned ways to get stuff done. Obama hasn't. Not knowing how to get stuff done: That's "change."

That said, I'm concerned in our discussion that we're leaving out the fact that the Repugnican machine will be fighting whichever candidate appears poised to win the convention tooth and nail, making it as diffcult as humanly possible for him/her to accomplish his/her goals, throwing every possible roadblock in her/his path, all the while smiling and talking about bipartisanship and claiming the high ground on the "interests" and the "will" of the American people. I can only barely imagine how difficult that is going to be to overcome, and I've been writing about politics for 17 years now. All I DO know is, the 'Pugs have people right now (and have had for several months already) whose sole task it is to develop dirty tricks to be played on the Democrats, as well as obfuscations, misdirections and whatever other tactics they can devise to divert discussion from the issues, make the Dem candidates' personalities (or clothes or haircuts or *whatever*) the focus of the discussion (especially in the national media), to lie about the Dem candidates' positions on the issues, to lie about their own candidate's positions on the issues, and to claim to want to discuss the issues when in fact what they ACTUALLY want to do is attack the Dem candidate's record (often falsely attributed by the 'Pugs) and/or attack his/her personality (or clothes or haircut/hair-do). And if the foregoing seems to indicate that I have in fact imagined pretty well what they're going to do, I say again that as a reasonably rational and moral human being, I really cannot fathom the depths to which I AM SURE the Repugnicans will sink in trying to win this election.

Just thought I'd mention that.


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