Happy Blog For Choice Day

Well, busy as things have been, I didn't want to let today go by without "blogging for choice," as so many other sane people are doing on this 35th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision.

Of course, there are also the insane, and as AVN's resident undercover guy (politically, not the good way), I've gotten flooded with emails from what Sam Seder calls the "Rapture Right," all moaning about how horrible it is that "50,000,000 babies have been slaughtered since that horrible day," etc., etc., etc. 

Here are some of the things I've "learned":

"Abortion is the overwhelming choice of evangelicals as the nation's top moral problem, according to a new survey by The Barna Group... Among evangelicals, abortion was rated a major problem by 94 percent of respondents, followed, in order, by the personal debt of Americans (81 percent), the content of TV and movies (79 percent), homosexual activists (75 percent), homosexual lifestyles (75 percent), poverty (72 percent), immigration (72 percent) and HIV/AIDS (71 percent). Global warming finished at the bottom, with only 33 percent of evangelicals saying it is a major issue." (Baptist Press)

Jeez! Talk about your fucked-up priorities! 

"Although pro-lifers are hailing a decline in abortion, the widespread use of RU-486 is arousing fresh concern. According to an article in today's Washington Post, abortions by RU-486, the chemical alternative to surgical abortion, have risen 22 percent a year and are now responsible for 14 percent of the total abortions performed in the first nine weeks of pregnancy. For nearly eight years, FRC has documented the health risks surrounding the abortion drug--and the list continues to grow. We have taken our objections to Capitol Hill, to the Food and Drug Administration, and to the Internet." (Family Research Council)

As anyone who's been following this issue knows, these assholes aren't concerned about women's health; they think RU-486 ABORTS BABIES; that's why they're upset about it ... and would be even if nobody who took it ever had any side effects whatsoever! Fact is, it's one of the reasons for the massive decline in surgical abortions that's recently been noted in all the newspapers.

"Now, for the good news! With the addition of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito to the Supreme Court, and the recent pro-life victory in the partial birth abortion case (Gonzales v. Carhart), grassroots pro-lifers across America have become energized. Not only are they promoting additional pro-life initiatives, but most importantly, with the help of TMLC [Thomas More Law Center], they are mounting direct assaults on the central holding of Roe v. Wade. But that was only the first step. The point is—we must not be satisfied with that victory, as some are, and wait another 34 years and for another 45 million babies to be aborted. Innocent, voiceless, and defenseless human beings are suffering the excruciating and prolonged pain as they are being aborted right NOW. Each day that abortion remains the law of the land is a day in which innocent human life is destroyed... Despite the zeal and skill that TMLC attorneys employ in defense of the unborn, we need the financial resources (logistics) to carry on the fight. And that’s why I am counting so heavily on your financial support today. Please send the largest contribution you possibly can."  (Thomas More Law Center)

Boy, I didn't see that last part coming ... when I was more than 5 miles away!

And as you may not be aware, all of these idiots don't just oppose abortion; they also oppose birth control! Their object, in keeping with what the "good book" says, is to keep women barefoot and pregnant, as the Good Lord intended — as bereft of rights as any woman living in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia or other Islamic republic.

Don't forget: The Catholic church was unconcerned about abortion until the Middle Ages; before then, if a women could figure out how to get rid of the fetus within about the first 20 weeks, using one of the various herbal remedies that were generally available back then, that was fine with them ... but then somebody realized, especially with the rise of Protestantism, that every fetus lost was eventually another warm body lost to the church ... and they couldn't afford to let that happen!

But now, these holier-than-thou types have convinced themselves that something precious dies when a fetus is flushed out ... and they're willing to kill you (or at least abortion doctors and clinic personnel) to prevent that!

My thought for today is: Don't let them do it, folks! Your freedom is important ... significantly more important than their delusions. 



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