Fat Tony's A Liar

I think everybody reading this blog* probably knows what I think of Associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin "Fat Tony" Scalia, but an article reporting on one of his recent speeches made me do a spit-take .

 It was from the Northern Mississippi Daily Journal, and titled "Scalia: Morality not job of judges" — and I said to myself, "Since when does Antonin Scalia not think judges should support theocratic morality?" I mean, this is the guy who warned that if the Supreme Court ruled for the petitioner in Lawrence v. Texas, that every kind of moral legal sanction from child molesting to bestiality would be out the window ... and he gave the distinct impression that he didn't think that was a good idea. He's also famous for saying that he doesn't think pornography is a form of speech, and therefore not protected by the First Amendment.

So when I see it reported that, in a speech titled, "Mullahs of the West: Judges as Authoritative Expositors of the Moral Law," he says that "court-dictated morality is ... doomed to fail," and that, "It is blindingly clear that judges have no greater capacity than the rest of us to determine what is moral," as much as I might agree with that sentiment, it is exactly opposite to what Scalia has been saying for years.

Admittedly, Daily Journal reporter Errol Castens included the sentence, "Scalia, whom the New York Times once described as America's 'funniest Supreme Court justice,' drew many laughs," but there's nothing in the story to suggest that those laughs were about Scalia's stance on judges not meddling with "morality" ... so unless Castens has completely fucked up his story, I've gotta call Fat Tony a bald-faced liar.

* Yeah, I know there are no real "comments" yet, but if you click the comment button and send your comments to me in an email, I'll publish them.  


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