Conversation With My Buddy Kevin

Kev: Back in the hippie days we were certain the adults were lying to us - and we were right.  Sad to see that nothing has improved since then.

It's a real problem because only about half of what adults tell kids are lies but the kids have no way to tell which is which and just reject everything.

Me: To my way of thinking, that's one of the worst problems facing the country today, because not only can't kids tell when their parents are lying, but also their teachers, politicians, etc. The parents SHOULD be the one category they CAN trust, and against whose honesty all others can be measured. Now the kids are lost — which has led, I notice, to a lot of grown-ups being lost as well when it comes to the lies their surrogate parents (politicians, mostly) tell them.

Kev: Of course, these days the latest generation, the ones just now graduating from college, overwhelming say their parents are their best friends.  That's just wrong, kids are supposed to rebel.

Me: I strongly suspect that the tough economic times have something to do with it. When families are flush, or at least not scrimping to get the most out of every dollar, rebellion is a bit easier - but when economics are tight, people (even kids) tend to close ranks and not rock the boat in ways that could impact them economically.


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