Chris Mann Reminds Me...

The veteran producer sees I've left something out of my recent polemic

Chris Mann writes, of the war crimes committed against the Guantanamo inmates and others, including ourselves:

In your laundry list litany of Republican failures, you neglected the most egregious of all, although there are many contenders to that superlative title. I'm referring to the suspension of the Constitutional guarantee of due process and the 8th Amendment. The galling supposition that to protect freedom, we can secretly incarcerate and torture without oversight remains the most painful and dangerous human regress of this vile administration. In the name of defense they have launched an offense on the Constitution and humanity. My country has violated its Constitution's most basic principles with impunity and a latent bigotry masquerading as righteous patriotism that is nothing more than imperialistic nationalism. The Republicans have rendered the country to something analogous to the worst regimes of the 20th Century. Our modern history is wrought with incidents of shame, but nothing like the systemic policy that makes rogue practice the norm and embeds guilt on an entire country. This above all actually sickens me. I can't wait for a return to reason that mandates a respect for basic human decency. This blight transcends party politics.   


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