Chris Mann Comments on "Prop H-8"

He's not a big fan of bigots either

 You remember Chris Mann: He's the General Manager over at Evil Angel, and has a track record in this business that will one day be in porn's history books. He comments on my piece about the bigotry of the anti-same-sex marriage Prop 8, and since I once, long ago, promised to publish comments sent to me, since people still can't comment here directly:

"One of the duties of a rational Constitution is to protect the rights of the minority from trampling by a majority. The good news in all this is that the issue is now front and center as it relates to our State Constitution. The fact is that no State Constitution can supersede the Federal Constitution. This setback is a necessary wake-up call that will not end until reason prevails again. Hopefully Obama will have appointed some good freedom minded thinkers to the Supreme Court by the time the challenge is granted cert.

"The appalling failure of our side to properly educate the masses that this legislation was funded by out-of-state religio-terrorists with a sleazy willingness to lie to get their bigotry on the books is unfortunate. Remember, Dred Scott was a necessary prelude to Brown V. Board of Education, Loving V. Va., etc. The legacy of Prop 8 will be the awakening of millions of reasoned people who will say no to government sanctioned hate. This isn't about gay rights. It's about rights, period.

"Your piece with the Black/Gay substitutions was worthy of the editorial section of any major journal... NY Times, Newsweek, et al. I will remember the analogy when I discuss this with those who have a lopsided view of marriage and government's role in "protecting" it. History shows that the main thing from which we need protection is the state and those who would use it to impose their will on others. One more time we have so-called "Conservatives" who believe in less government wanting government to intrude in the our lives. It must be difficult to be a Republican in the age of information when the platform mandates a belief in fiction and a need to get others to also believe the same lies. What a task! 

"This was a fine piece of journalism and I'm glad I got to read it. Thank you"


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