"Choose Life" And The Death Of The First Amendment

As I noted a day or so ago, Bush has managed to get 294 judges appointed to federal courts around the country, and I can help but wonder if a few of them didn't wind up in the Northern District of New York.

Seems a federal court judge up there refused to allow the state's Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles to amend her answer to the complaint in Children First Foundation v. Martinez to raise an Establishment Clause defense as to why the state won't permit photo license plates with the phrase "Choose Life," with the court finding that religious speech somehow was not involved. 

OF COURSE IT'S INVOLVED! What idiot doesn't understand that "Choose Life" refers to stopping a woman's right to choose to abort her fetus, with the only reason to "choose life" being the religious one, that fetuses — hell, even fertilized embryos smaller than the period at the end of a sentence — have a "soul" that somehow suffers when abortion is performed?

Wrote the court: "It may very well be true that those who participate in the abortion debate on the pro-life side are members of religious organizations whose religious beliefs form the basis for their views. However, that does not transform the pro-life stance into one that is religious in nature, nor does it transform the phrase, 'Choose Life' into religious speech. Nothing in constitutional jurisprudence supports the conclusion that political speech which is derived from one's ethical or religious beliefs or background transforms it into religious speech. Many religious persons and organizations may be opposed to capital punishment, or perhaps in favor of gun control. Those political issues are not therefore automatically transformed into religious issues simply by virtue of the religious beliefs of their supporters. The same is true for the abortion debate."

Bullshit. Those in favor of "Choose Life" plates aren't opposed to capital punishment or in favor of gun control; they're from the "forced pregnancy patrol" and they believe that God won't accept aborted fetuses' souls in heaven. There's nothing secular about it! And the fucking judges out to realize that!


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