Best News I've Heard Today

Just got another fundraising plea from Morality In Media (MIM)— you know: The people who want to put you out of business because they can't figure out how to work the on/off switch on their TVs and radios, nor how to turn pages in a magazine so they don't have to look at sexual material?

"I am also grateful for the opportunity to have worked under and with good role models, including Paul J. McGeady, Director of MIM's National Obscenity Law Center for almost 30 years," says Robert Peters, current president of MIM. "Paul was my legal mentor at MIM, and Paul was one of the top experts on obscenity and indecency law in the United States. He was also a living embodiment of legal ethics."

"When Paul joined MIM in 1977, he left behind a comfortable and lucrative position as the general counsel for an insurance company. When he passed away in October 2006, he was making less than what many legal secretaries in New York City now make."

"HALLELUJAH!" I say. It's bad enough that these creeps want to take away my right to watch and read whatever material I want — I sure as hell don't want them to get rich doing it!

"That's what I call dedication," Peters continues, "and if you were to speak to my wife, she would tell you that I suffer from the same malady, which drives individuals to work long and hard for little pay!"

Well, Bob, that's what you get for being an anti-porn obsessive/compulsive. Why don't you quit and get an honest job???


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