BLT (Part 3)

 More excerpts on Hollywood's "purity" from James Bacon's Hollywood is a Four Letter Town and Made In Hollywood:

"People always ask me to name Hollywood's greatest cocksman. Naturally, they expect me to say Errol Flynn, Richard Burton, Warren Beatty, or someone like that.

"I never do.

"The greatest offstage lover in Hollywood history - and I believe my old friend Humphrey Bogart as my source - was Leslie Howard.

"'Leslie fucked more women in this town than any one man - and he did it the hard way while staying married to the same wife and being blind as a bat,' said Bogie.

"I remember one night in Bogie's den when he was extolling Leslie's prowess with the broads. It was like a great football coach talking about an O.J. Simpson.

"'You would introduce Leslie to a dame - she could be a movie star or a socialite - and within ten minutes, he was banging her in his dressing room or the back seat of his car. And I don't mean tramps - although he had plenty of them too. He did it with some of the biggest names in this town.

"'He had that soulful look that women go wild about. One big star said fucking Leslie was like fucking a priest - something forbidden. It turned them all on. Some even thought he was a fag and they wanted to find out for sure. Christ, he made Errol Flynn look like a fag.'...

"Bogie said he always traveled with a phony secretary who was one of the legendary blow jobs in Hollywood.

"'If Leslie's wife ever came on the set, this dame would pick up a notebook and look for all the world like a secretary. Leslie's wife never got wise,' said Bogie...

"About the time Bogie was rhapsodizing about Howard, Richard Burton had just come on the scene and was knocking leading ladies off right and left.

"'Christ,' said Bogie, 'Burton may have done all right with leading ladies but that fucking Howard was so damn nearsighted, he was knocking off every waitress in the commissary and half the cleaning women on the lot.'"


"In case you haven't heard the [director Anatole] Litvak story, it goes like this. Anatole and the movie queen, who is still very much alive and dangerous, got smashing drunk at Ciro's, the legendary Sunset Strip nightclub of those days. Herman Hover, the owner, was horrified at what the two called dancing. Had the music stopped, it would have been called fucking on the dance floor.

"With the tact that nightclub owners possess, Herman maneuvered Anatole and the beauteous movie star to a table in the corner. Herman heaved a huge sigh of relief but not for long. With practically the whole nightclub audience watching, Anatole went under the table and started sneezing in her lettuce, if you know what I mean..

"A modern-day version in reverse of the same type of incident took place recently at Studio One, a gay nightclub in Hollywood.

"A star of one of television's top-rated series - this time a girl - stopped dancing and suddenly got down on her knees and calmly sucked the cock of her dancing partner while about thirty people watched.

"A girl I know who witnessed the whole episode said:

"'When I saw her drop on her knees, I thought at first she had fainted but she hadn't. She obviously was high on something. I don't think it was booze.'

"The rest of the people kept on dancing around the two - dancing and watching."


"Just about this time, Confidential magazine came out with a particularly lurid story about how [director Michael Curtiz] had hired a black couple to make love while he watched in a downtown hotel room. The cops raided the room but Mike, with a little help from Warners, got off and there was no publicity - except Confidential, which undoubtedly was tipped off by someone who saw the police record...

"Mike was the hardest-working director I have ever known. He was on the set at 6 A.M., never ate lunch, and was the last to leave at night. Sometimes he would take an aspirin for lunch but mostly he liked to have his cock sucked. Everybody on his crew knew about this latter no-cal diversion.

"There was one particularly sexy and voluptuous extra who always had a job on Mike's pictures. She did most of her work during the lunch hour. Usually Mike did this in his office or dressing room, but during one picture - in which, oddly, Ronald Reagan was one of the stars - Mike took the girl over to a used interior set on a far corner of the sound-stage.

"Now movie sets have no ceilings on them but they do have gangways above them where the grips and electricians work. The crew immediately knew what was going to happen, so the gangways were quickly filled with crew members looking down on Mike sitting on a chair with the sexy extra sucking his cock.

"Everything went fine. Mike was enjoying himself and the crew was having a ball plus some envy. Then Mike came, and in ecstasy he pushed his head back and looked skywards. He spotted his crew looking down.

"Mike started smacking the girl on the head and screaming:

"'What are you doing down there? Get out and let me work.'"


In the early thirties, Lawrence Tibbett, the great Metropolitan Opera star, made his movie debut. At the first showing, [press agent] Harry [Brand] sent one of his publicity guys over to Grauman's Chinese with an automatic counter. His job - count how many women went to the ladies room during the Tibbett picture. The underling promptly returned and said he counted 34 for the entire picture.

"'He'll never make it,' Harry said. 'Valentino used to make 200 girls pee an hour.'

"And he was right. Tibbett, after a few pictures, returned to the opera."


"Travel sometimes with a big superstar and you'll find out, as I have, that some of the most beautiful society women in America will take the train in from Connecticut for a little friendly matinee in the hay with a star. Then back on the train and home in time to have a martini waiting when her Wall Street tycoon husband gets home from a hard day's work making millions.

"The horny stars - are there any other kind? - love it because there will be no paternity suits and their own wives will never hear about it. It's much better than fucking extras on the set who have everything to gain and nothing to lose if they talk.

"Some of these gorgeous socialites do this sort of thing for a lark. All good clean sport. Once I was sitting with Frank Sinatra in a New York restaurant when a gorgeous socialite, whose picture is always in Vogue or Town and Country, left her husband and came over to Frank ostensibly as a fan and press a note into his hand.

"Frank read the note, which gave her phone number, and what hours to call. It said, 'I'll come to your hotel room and suck your cock like it has never been sucked before.'

"Must ask Frank sometime if he ever called her."


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