Attention Future 3D Movie Makers And Wannabes

The local stereo (3D) club is offering info on 3D movie making

Most useful in the notice below is the panel discussion by three well-known local 3D videographers, who will give tips and answer questions so you can get up and running in the coming world of 3D movies:

3-DIY: Do It Yourself 3-D Movies
Short Films of the Desktop 3-D Revolution

A program of short digital 3-D movies Shown as part of the Downtown Film Festival of Los Angeles (DFFLA) Curated by John E. Hart, Chairman of the LA 3-D Club Movie Division
(Stereo Club of Southern California)

Emerging digital toolsets are driving a wave of independent production of stereoscopic motion pictures. New 3-D movies in every conceivable genre, from documentaries and avant-garde experiments, to dramatic and humorous narratives, are being made by fiercely individual filmmakers all around the world. In their hands, the 3-D film is evolving a new visual grammar for the motion picture screen.

This program, a stereoscopic showcase of short films curated by John Hart of the Stereo Club of Southern California, presents award-winning entries from the 6 international 3-D movie contests held by the LA 3-D Club Movie Division. Dedicated to independent production and the exhibition of stereoscopic movies, the LA 3-D Club unites both amateur and professional filmmakers by providing a platform for desktop 3-D movies. Learn how to make your own 3-D movies without the backing of a Hollywood studio as a panel of the filmmakers convene after the screening to discuss the new stereoscopic toolsets and their availability.

Tuesday, August 18
7:30 – 11 pm
Downtown Independent Theater
261 Main Street
Los Angeles, CA

for tickets:

Screenings followed by panel discussion

The Program: (listed alphabetically by director's last name)

Moving Still (2008) Colombia, 3 min. Dir: Santiago Caicedo
Come Coco (2009) Colombia, 7 min. Dir: Santiago Caicedo

Skydiving (2008) USA, 3 min. Dir: Eric Deren

Ztring Theory (2008) Netherlands, 5 min. Dir: Jo Eldoen

Ghost Car (2008), USA, 5 min. Dir: John E. Hart
Doggone (2009), USA, 11 min. Dir: John E. Hart

Wanderlust (Bjork video) (2008) USA, 7 min. Dir: Sean Helfritch
& Isaiah Saxon

Family Guy: Blue Harvest (2008), USA, 3 min. Dir: Sean Isroelit

Towers of Rodia (2007) USA, 14 min. Dir: Tom Koester
Ennis House (2008) USA, 6 min. Dir: Tom Koester

Elevation (2009), USA, 3 min. Dir: Eric Kurland

A Better Mousetrap (2005) USA, 2 min. Dir: Ron Labbe

Pump Action (2006) USA, 3 min. Dir: Phil McNally

Fireworks Symphony (2008) Japan, 5 min. Dir: Takashi Sekitani

Reminiscence (2007) France, 5 min. Dir: Celine Tricart

Slow Glass (2007), USA, 14 min. Dir: Ray Zone

Panel: Making Your Own 3D Movies
Moderated by Ray Zone
Panelists: Eric Kurland, Sean Isroelit, Tom Koester and John Hart

The moderator and all of the panelists have directed or produced award-winning short 3-D movies that have been shown in a variety of exhibition venues.

Rooftop wine and cheese reception to follow


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