Another Conservative Gets The Fear

As some of you may know, CA Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently signed a couple of bills into law that require that public schools, in their instruction materials, acknowledge that gays and transgenders exist, and that teachers and administrators get training so they don't inadvertently (or, in some cases, purposely) disparage those orientations to their students.

Of course, if you've been following the theocon websites and emails that I get on a daily basis, you'd think the sky had fallen.

"A California pro-family leader and his organization are making the blunt pronouncement that because of two new laws signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger last month, it's time for parents and their children in the Golden State to exit the public school system," writes Ed Thomas of the American Family Assn.'s OneNewsNow.

"It's time to exit the public schools because your children will be sexually indoctrinated if you leave them there," warns Randy Thomasson of Campaign for Children and Families.

"Yes," admits Karen England, executive director of ultraconservative lobbying firm Capitol Resource Institute. "I would be very frightened if my kids were in public school in California after the passage of SB 777." 

Their answer, in this day when many parents, especially of families with lots of kids, have to each hold down two jobs just to make ends meet?

"If you love your children, and [if] you have a will -- and God gave everybody a strong will -- you can home school ... and you can learn along the way," Thomasson claims. "There are books and curriculum to help you. And you can afford private school if you sacrifice other 'wants' and replace the 'wants' with 'needs,' and [if] you financially adjust."

Yep, just got to keep them kiddies away from the idea that not every relationship between adults resembles mom and dad on The Brady Bunch.

Oops ... maybe that wasn't the best example, since Mike Brady (Robert Reed) was gay and died of AIDS, and Marcia (Maureen McCormick) and Jan (Eve Plumb) were rumored to have had a lesbian affair.

DAMN! ... what CAN you watch on TV? 


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