Analysis: The Girlfriend Experience, Take 2: The Whackadoodle View

Thank goodness for MovieGuide or I might never get any laughs!

I reviewed The Girlfriend Experience yesterday and thought I did a pretty good job of analyzing the thing's artistic intentions (and possibly pretensions) — but obviously, I missed a lot of shit, so thank goodness for Dr. Ted Baehr, the right-wing religious nutbar who plumbs the depths of Hollywood and finds ... MARXISM! And in a movie all about a $2,000 per hour working girl! Now, that's insight!

Here's how the review opens:

"The Girlfriend Experience


(HHH, CoCoCo, AcapAcapAcap, PCPC, AbAb, LLL, SS, NN, A, D, MMM) Very strong humanist, Marxist-Communist, politically correct worldview attacking capitalism by comparing it to prostitution, with some politically correct jokes and references to President George W. Bush as well as the 2008 presidential election and an anti-Semitic scene showing a stereotypical, supposedly devout Jewish jeweler getting pleasure from hugging a semi-nude prostitute he’s hired; at least 25 mostly strong obscenities (mostly “f” words), one strong profanity and seven light profanities; no violence; strong sexual content and references includes story centers on a prostitute, depicted scene of man lasciviously holding woman in skimpy underwear with rear nudity, implied prostitution sex, sex writer offers prostitute a good review in exchange for sex but he reneges on the deal, and frank discussion of sex; upper female nudity in at least a couple scenes, rear female nudity in at least a couple scenes, implied full female nudity in shadows in one scene, and upper male nudity in one scene; alcohol use; smoking; and, lying, deceit, exploitation, and prostitute’s live-in boyfriend, a personal trainer, does not mind her perverted business, probably because she obviously earns much more than he does.


THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE is a low-budget independent drama about how a high-priced prostitute in New York City and her wealthy clients are dealing with last fall’s economic crisis on Wall Street and the banking industry. THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE is a static movie with boring characters and little jeopardy. It’s also another trite Marxist critique of American society that compares capitalism to prostitution."
Hate to break it to ya, Ted, but prostitution IS capitalism in its rawest form: Guy pays money; girl spreads her legs — really, it doesn't get any simpler. And guess what: Jews, even devout ones, like sex as much as anybody else — and he doesn't even fuck her; he just takes his pants off, she undresses down to her bra and panties, he holds her close, breathes heavy, then less heavy, apparently cums — and then the end credits roll. And there's nothing "implied" about the prostitution; when a guy gives her an envelope of money and she winds up in bed with him, ain't nobody gonna mistake that!
Beyond that, wouldn't a dyed-in-the-wool capitalist like yourself have something negative to say about "The Erotic Connoisseur" trying to run a number on a poor working girl, promising her a good review in exchange for a little nookie? I thought capitalists were too moral to accept such scams! Haven't you read Atlas Shrugged?
As for the politics, there's virtually no mention of Bush, although the subject of the impending 2008 election does come up a couple of times — but Sasha's boyfriend doesn't give a shit; he's just trying to open his own gym franchise, like any good capitalist would want to do.
Face it, Ted: You just don't like this movie because it's all about sex.
BTW, those abbreviations at the top? Here's what they mean:
HHH: Very strong humanist worldview or humanist elements
Co: Communism (may also be increased to CoCo or CoCoCo)
ACap: Anti-capitalism, anti-wealth, politics of envy (may be increased to AcapAcap or AcapAcapAcap)
PC: Politically correct worldview or elements (may be increased to PCPC or PCPCPC)
AbAb: Strong anti-biblical, anti-Christian or anti-Jewish worldview or elements
LLL: Numerous obscenities and profanities (more than 25)
SS: Depicted adultery, promiscuity, sexual perversion, or sexual immorality
NN: Partial or brief nudity
A: Light, brief or some alcohol use
D: Light, brief or some smoking
MMM: Very strong or extreme miscellaneous immorality
That's everything a good Christian (or any fundamentalist) needs to know, right?


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