Analysis: I'm Voting For Obama

And Several Other Pro-Freedom People And Measures

PORN VALLEY - It never occurred to me that anyone in the adult business would consider voting for John McCain - and then I saw a posting that advised just that, so I figured it was time to make my own intentions known, as if most of them weren't obvious to begin with.

First, let me state the caveat that no matter what a politician promises during an election campaign, they aren't bound, morally or (sadly) legally, to keep such promises, so every election asks voters to "buy a pig in a poke" (though not necessarily a pig wearing lipstick). This is occasionally a good thing; more often it isn't.

Still, campaign promises and track records are pretty much the only things we have to go by in choosing which candidate to support - despite protests from all the religio-reactionaries, "character" doesn't count for much; by most measures, George W. Bush and Ted Bundy are (or in Bundy's case, were) pretty nice guys, but their track records speak for themselves - and by those criteria, Barack Obama wins hands down.

I'm not going to rehash everyone's "talking points"; you can read them on the candidates' own websites, and if you're at all practiced in reading through horseshit, you can read the pundit sites as well, which can be fairly informative once you know what their biases are - even the 'winger ones like Drudge Report, WorldNetDaily, National Review Online,, Newsmax, Hannity, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Daniel Pipes, Debbie Schlussel, Washington Times - the list is very long, though my latest laugh is the anti-environmentalist SmartGreenUSA. My fave decent political blogs to read daily are The Sideshow , Daily Kos , TPMmuckraker and Glenn Greenwald , though I have several others of interest bookmarked as well.

What I am going to do is mention a few of the failures of the past eight years, all traceable to Republican politicians and policies: The Iraq war; the failure to ratify the Kyoto Treaty; the failure of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's response to hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Wilma and Ike, since the agency was gutted by Bush; the mortgage foreclosure crisis due to lack of federal regulation on lenders and packagers; the stock market crash; the more-than-doubling of the National Debt, to over $10 trillion; the massive increases in the size of the federal government (this, from a party that claims to want to shrink government to the point where they can "drown it in a bathtub"); the complete politicization of the Justice Department, including the firing of nine U.S. Attorneys and the ousting of several more, at least three because they refused to prosecute obscenity cases; the addition of two ultraconservative Supreme Court justices; the "K Street Project," which forced all federal lobbying expenditures to be directed to Republicans only; the illegal spying on Americans' telephone calls and emails; tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans; the increased consolidation of media ownership; the failure to bring even one anti-trust suit against America's biggest conglomerates; the continued crumbling of America's infrastructure; increased restrictions on women's sexual rights, including abortion; increased funding for the failure that is abstinence education - do I really have to go on? You all know their failures ... and their crimes.

And you know that if John McCain is elected president, or allowed to steal the election as did Bush in 2000 (and likely 2004 as well), the same horseshit will occur for the next four years ... if the American economy survives that long. And considering McCain's well-publicized "senior moments," it's even more likely that within weeks after he takes office, it will be discovered that he has the beginnings of Alzheimer's disease, and under the powers granted by the 25th Amendment, Palin will assume the presidency. The thought of a president (or even a vice-president) who doesn't read newspapers, knows only one Supreme Court decision and believes the universe was created 6,000 years ago chills me to my core.

What also galls me about the Republicans in power is the fact that they're incredible hypocrites. I've begun reading Glenn Greenwald's "Great American Hypocrites ," which points out that despite Republicans' reputation for being courageous and family-oriented, in reality, they're for the most part chickenhawks, few of the leadership (including Cheney) ever having served in the military, and in Bush's case having illegally failed to complete his military service, plus we've all seen on the news the dozens of cases of adultery, child molestation, use of prostitutes, drug use and homosexuality. (I, of course, am not personally against any of those except child molestation, but they claim to be, so that makes them hypocrites.) There's also a meme going around about how Republicans are the "friend of the working man," but the minimum wage was frozen from 1981 to 1990 (during Reagan and Bush I), and again from 1997 to 2007 under the Republican-controlled Congress and for most of that period, a Republican president.

Anyone who needs more of a reason to vote for Obama than that track record is either incredibly ignorant, or thinks that he or she has an "in" with the Republican power structure and will somehow profit while the rest of the country goes down the tubes economically, educationally and constitutionally.

But hey, I'm pretty sure that for most of you, voting for Obama was a gimme, so here are a few other people and issues I'm supporting:
  • Brad Sherman for U. S. Representative from the 27th (CA) district ("Porn Valley"). He's got a good sense of what caused the recent Wall Street meltdown and had the courage to say it on national TV.
  • Cindy Sheehan to replace Nancy Pelosi for the 8th (CA) district. Pelosi has been an obstructionist from the start, though her biggest failing is the refusal to allow Congress to consider impeaching Bush.
  • YES On Prop 2. Sticking animals, even those destined for the dinner table, in cramped cages for most of their "adult" existence just isn't right.
  • NO On Prop 4. If a girl's old enough to get pregnant, she's old enough to decide whether she wants an abortion without having to get her parents' approval - in some cases, approval of the parent who caused the pregnancy!
  • YES On Prop 5. If drugs were legal in this country, they'd be dirt cheap and drug-related robberies and burglaries would practically disappear - but since we're not going to get that anytime soon, putting offenders in jail rather than treatment is just a stupid way to handle things.
  • NO On Prop 8. There's no reason why gays shouldn't have the same marital rights as straights, and any objection to that is bigotry, pure and simple.
  • YES On Prop K in San Francisco. This would decriminalize prostitution, restoring even more rights of women to do what they want, sexually, with their bodies.


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