A Slight Disconnect

Two stories on the OneNewsNow website today interested me.

In one , Edward Gamble(!), director of the Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools, declared that "believers have a duty to give their children a godly education, and should not be fooled by the argument by some public school parents that their Christian children can be 'salt and light' (proselytizers) in the secular government schools." Gamble thinks Christian kids should be home-schooled or schooled only in religious private schools, because "the results say that the world influences the kids more than the kids influence the world."

In the other , author Vicky Courtney claimed that "most parents are overwhelmed by the digital world their teenagers live in." In fact, she's written a book, Logged On and Tuned Out, that attempts to teach parents about - and warn them of the "dangers" of - "instant messaging, text messaging, social networking sites, chat rooms, and photo and video posting."

"Many teens, she points out, simply do not realize that what is posted online -- such as embarrassing or libelous content -- can affect them years later."

So the question I have is, if today's religious parents are this clueless about what (regular, normal) kids in general are doing with computers, cell phones and the Internet in general - stuff the kids are going to have to know in order to get along in the "outside world" - think what a technological handicap they'll be putting on their kids by sending them only to "bible-friendly" schools where it's just about guaranteed that they won't be allowed to IM, text-message, join FaceBook or chatrooms, and maybe not even allowed to have their own home pages.

In other words, they'll grow up just like their parents, and spend their free time sitting around watching Fox News and the Inspiration Channel.


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