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Get Vette: Sticky Vicky Takes Aim at Tera Patrick

Booble contest stirs controversy in a clash of the tit-ans.

Get Vette: Sticky Vicky Takes Aim at Tera Patrick

ATLANTA - MILF extraordinaire Vicky Vette is ticked off over Tera Patrick's tactics in the 2008 Booble Girl of the Year competition. 

With just a few days remaining at the online polls, the battle for Booble supremacy has come down to a tight race between Vicky and Tera. Ms. Patrick announced yesterday that if she wins the hotly contested title, she'll donate the $5,000 booby prize to the nonprofit charity B.A.B.E. (Breast Cancer Awareness Benefits Everyone.) 


Vicky feels the Tera camp has stooped to exploiting a worthwhile cause in a last-ditch effort to panhandle for votes in a porno pageant. She publicly protested Tera's PR with a lengthy statement on her blog, mobilizing her army of online fans to join the outcry.

Vicky has involved herself in charity work for years. She's scheduled to participate in the AIDS Walk in Atlanta on Oct. 19, and she regularly volunteers her time at a local hospital.

"Issuing a public proclamation for cancer research three days before the end of voting for best tits is pandering for votes," Vicky told AVN. "I support any legitimate cancer charity. B.A.B.E. may be entirely well-intentioned and worthy. I ask why the only scheduled event happened in 2007 and there is no way to buy tickets for anything."

As Ms. Vette pointed out, the B.A.B.E. website has not been updated since last year. But according to Tera's publicist April Storm, there's a good reason for that.

"When I spoke to [B.A.B.E. founder] Marcia Hrichison yesterday to make sure that it was an active charity, she explained that the only reason she hasn't been doing events to help promote it is that her mother has taken ill and she's been trying to take care of her," April told AVN. "So our donation would be a huge help to B.A.B.E. since she hasn't had the time to do fundraisers."

Nevertheless, Vette voters suggest that the Tera Patrick PR machine "duped" AVN and other adult websites into endorsing a disingenuous publicity grab. One particular comment was submitted to at least five times; we can't count any higher, since we always type one-handed.

Welcome to the shark-infested waters of silicone-enhanced politics. 

Vicky's populist take on the situation is perhaps the most compelling element at play in this clash of the titty titans...aside from the four gigantic breasts involved. While Tera is a world-renowned porn superstar celebrated for her mainstream crossover success, Vicky broke into the biz via Hustler's amateur "Beaver Hunt" photo contest and went on to build her following on the Internet.

"I may not have as many 'fans', but I have cultivated 'friends.' Welcome to social networking in the 21st century porn industry - you don't like it, but it is here," Vicky proclaimed. "Ask the fans on Facebook who have had instant message chats with Vicky Vette at one o'clock in the morning.... I chat, I interact, I do my best to respond, and I do it daily and weekly. I am not 'above' doing cam shows weekly, week in week out. For what is is worth, I may be one of the first 'major' (whatever that means) porn stars to jump the DVD Titanic ship and interact with fans to this extent. The porn industry is fooling itself if it thinks it can keep packaging up porn stars and throwing them on boxcovers. Fans expect more and they should get more. We are not 'stars' - we are lucky to have people buying porn with all the free porn being given away."

Stick THAT in your crack stem and smoke it, Porn Incorporated!

"Don't support me because of my charity work," said Vette. "If you want to vote for my tits, go for it; if you don't, then don't. I love Booble, I love the competition. I can only say, let's vote on the tits, not the PR."

Vicky is now in the lead at 16,014 votes to Tera's 15,842. Left in the dust are Nikki Benz, Catalina Cruz, Sophie Dee, Sabrina Deep, Hanna Hilton, Heidi Mayne, Trina Michaels, Mariah Milano, Shyla Stylez, and Brandy Talore.

To vote for Vicky, log on to

To support Vicky in the Atlanta AIDS Walk and other charitable efforts, email

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Posted 08/31/2008 by torp
Well, perhaps we can now add voting irregulatiry to Tera Patrick's resume. Somehow this avn and fame aware winner is about as disgraceful as we can get. Let's see, within an 8 hour period nearly 3000 votes have been added to Patrick's vote count. When I recorded the count yesterday she was at 16,659 and a mere 12 hours later the votes have accumulated between 200 - 300 / hour. Ok, I was born at night, just not last night. The Porn Industry and Tera patrick could learn alot about ethics from Vette especially in light of AVNs promotion of Patrick's contribution to an inactive "charity".
Posted 08/30/2008 by torp
With All Due Respect to BABE, it would appear that an inactive 501C3 charity, regardless of reason, is just that. There are a number of very active ones in this area and could care less where significant donations eminate from! Tera Patrick and her publicist for 28 days published bulletins on MySpace and not one mention of the monies going to a "charity". Until of course, the last 3 days. The timing is certainly a "coinkdink" but nonetheless a PR Grab since Ms. Patrick was loosing. Vette on the other side was doing it the old fashion way - engaging the many in the VNA without playing any sort of "charity card". At last count the ploy by Patrick seems to be backfiring with Vette leading 17,418 to 16,659. One thing that Vicky Vette does is engage with shoulder to shoulder discussions. It is frankly deplorable the tactics used as well as the timing by Tera Partick. If she were going to do such a gracious action then announce it on Day 1, not Day 29. Had that been the case then perhaps I might have joined the cause. Hell, knowing Vicky I suspect she may have voted for Partick as well. But at this junction, it's take no prisoners.
Posted 08/29/2008 by hans1969
Hi, I'm the person who told Vicky on MySpace there were some questionable issues about the B.A.B.E. website. I do not regret that decision. Thanks to a killer case of insomnia, and not thinking of anything better to do that late at night, I chose to dig deeper. The original link came up with a blank page. I shortened it to and found the actual site. I immediately found that the actual event was scheduled last year. I was also a little confused because the site for this non-profit group was listed as .com rather than .org, which would have made more sense to me. I google searched BABE and came up with the same .com site. Today I goodle search and now there's an identical page listed as I do not recall seeing that last night when I google searched the organization. That's when I chose to alert Vicky. All told, I spent less than 20 minutes finding this stuff out, and it seems to me some AVN staffer could have done the same thing before publishing the story. At that point questions could have been asked. I do not doubt BABE may be legitimate, but if Tera Patrick is choosing to donate money to charity, do it because you feel it's a worthy cause. Don't do it as a marketing ploy to get your head on a bobble/booble. That struck me as disingenuous. If you are going to go with a charity, make sure they are active. If not, tell people ahead of time. This whole escapade came across as little more than a cheap publicity stunt designed to get more internet hits rather than helping a worthy cause. If I was wrong I offer sincere apologies to Miss Patrick.
Posted 08/29/2008 by thejones
Now, THIS is the type of entertaining, well-written piece of which your site needs more.
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