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Letter From Max Hardcore

Paul Little and his alter ego write from federal prison

Letter From Max Hardcore

LOS ANGELES - Paul Little, alias Max Hardcore writes:

Hello -

Is there anybody out there?

Just honk if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home?

Oh, there you are. Hi, my name is Max Hardcore, and I am a character from the movies. I'm not a real person, although some people think I am, because I'm such a vicious villain who disposes of defenseless damsels by tying them to the railroad tracks. But now they put the person who plays me in prison for things I did to Tess Trueheart on the television!


So I'm out of a job, and well, I don't mean to whine or anything, what with so many real people laid off and all - but I do have a lot of fans who I'm quite sure are missing me right now this very moment and can't wait until I return to action! It's very boring in here, and not nearly enough room for the two of us. I'm not sure why, but I feel bad for this guy, However, I was only doing what the writer wrote that I should do. I'd like to help him somehow, but I don't have a script and just don't know which way to turn. Oh, I see that he's starting to write something ... maybe it's a new story for me!

They locked me up because I wouldn't bow down to their gods.

... Ah, crap! It looks like he's just writing down some random thoughts.

They locked me up because I wouldn't say the pledge of allegiance.

... I really miss my friends in here - Buttman, Gazzman, Hatman ...

They locked me up because I wouldn't drive their shitty cars or go the speed limit!

... I'm sure they all wonder what has happened to me!

They locked me up because I held up a mirror and exposed their hypocrisy!

... I'd call them if I could get to a phone.

They locked me up for playing guitar too loud & having too much fun with Layla!

... Shit! I'm going nuts in here. He's just lying on this skinny bunk-bed again, looking out his skinnier little window, just watching the world pass me by! I can easily get out through that narrow opening and find someone else, but there's no way this body is going to get through that one.

I guess I'll just have to find another one to play me. I just hope they don't put him in prison too!

Editor's Note: Seriously, Paul Little's trial, which lasted for two weeks, cost a staggering sum, and his ongoing appeal, which is being fought hard and brutally by the Justice Department , is only adding to the debts incurred in his fight for freedom.

To contribute to the "Max Hardcore Defense Fund" (not an official organization), please send checks to: Sirkin Pinales & Schwartz LLP, 920 Fourth & Race Tower, 105 West 4th St., Cincinnati, OH 45202-2726. PayPal is also accepted; recipient: Or to donate with credit or debit card, call 513-721-4876.

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Posted 05/28/2009 by pierced
Paul understands the legal aspects of his detainment very well; his statements prove that. While whether he broke the law is subjective, the reasons listed for incarceration indicate the law itself is a demand to conform, and that this demand is questionable
Posted 04/02/2009 by mastrick
None of the above reasons for Max' incarceration are realistic and I'm sure they were intended as comedic relief. Max got incarcerated for violating the law, specifically the standards set forth in Miller v. California. If he doesn't see this he'll go back in the can soon after he gets out. Max pushed the envelope too far and got caught sticking his lil' weenie out the window trying to screw the world. Unfortunately the window came slamming down.
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